Dads Cookin’ With Kids; Mike Adamick’s DIY Mini Trifle

Mike Adamick’s Mini Trifle is an Easy Hit With the Kids – Today we share another great recipe from Mike Adamick’s Dad’s Book of Awesome Recipes. As you enjoy the weekend with your kids, don’t forget that gathering time around food is a great way to bond and get to know your kids better than […]

Shouldn’t the Kids of Parenting Bloggers Have a Right to Privacy?

Kenny Bodanis believes the stories of his children are not his to tell. What do you think?

Lessons Learned at The Summit of Dads

Kenny Bodanis on how the Dad 2.0 conference changed his outlook.

Babble Recognizes Dad Bloggers in Top 50

“It’s refreshing to see these guys take the public perception of parents into their own hands.”

“Can I Blog Too, Daddy?”

Kenny Bodanis is proud that his son wants to join him where he works… on the internet. Uh-oh.

An Open Letter to Children of Screaming Parents

Kenny Bodanis has some sage advice for the parents of that kid who won’t stop screaming.

Have a Heart! Legally, I Must Explain Organ Donation to My 7-Year-Old.

Getting a child’s informed consent to donate their organs is as much fun as it sounds.

25 Things I’d Like My Sons to Know

Tom Matlack offers 25 things he’d like his sons to know about life.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder. Then it Causes an Infarction.

Kenny Bodanis muses on the mixed joys of being away from one’s family.

Parents, It’s Never Too Late for a PhD! (Unless It’s After 8pm.)

Kenny Bodanis points out that continuing your education as a parent is easier said than done.

Men are allowed to Complain! (Even if We Don’t Give Birth)

Kenny Bodanis argues that men have some legitimate medical complaints to make.

There’s Another Term for Squeaky Wheels: Crazy People.

Kenny Bodanis analogizes squeaky wheels to the humans who produce equally annoying sounds.

Can the True Blood Gang Glamour my Kids?

Sure, they’re the blood-sucking undead, but do they babysit?

Control Your Vice, Please. Part 1: Get a Leash for Your Dog!

Kenny Bodanis feels that there is a basic etiquette to dog ownership, and it is really not that complicated.

Everyone’s Got Their Own Favorite Smut

Kenny Bodanis asks: does it make any sense to call something porn if it’s a picture, but erotica when it’s words?

For the Love of Serena, Will Someone Phuleeze Get Me Pregnant?!

If men were to bear children, we would survive the process. Why? How? For the same reason women do: we’d have to. One does what one must when one desires something enough, like children for instance. Or medical school; or becoming a pole vaulter.