Suddenly I Was a Stay at Home Dad

Some dads are born to stay at home, say achieve it, and some have it thrust upon them.

Mommy Blogs are from FX & Daddy Blogs are from Must See TV: Celebrating The Barbed Voices of a New Generation

Mark Spellun takes a look at the demographics of parent bloggers and wonders, “Where are the daddy voices?”

The Anatomy of a PR Fail: Playskool, Twitter, Dad Blogs, and The Huffington Post

The Rock Father finds himself embroiled in overinflated backlash between consumers and the marketers who love us

Five Things You Might Learn By Becoming a Father (If You’re Lucky)

Dan Coxon is lucky.

Babble Recognizes Dad Bloggers in Top 50

“It’s refreshing to see these guys take the public perception of parents into their own hands.”

Photo Series: Detroit’s Feral Homes

Jim Griffioen photographs city houses slowly being reclaimed by the wild.

Saying Goodbye to Our Park

On their last trip to a neighborhood park, Jerry Mahoney finally gives in and lets his twin toddlers run free

The Best of GMP’s Dad Writing

Today we offer you 10 of our favorite stories from Dads, about being a father and what fatherhood means to them. These stories are funny, touching, sad and above all, honest.

Being Someone Great

John Taylor wants his children to be known for their greatness, not fame or wealth or prestige, but for their greatness of character. For that to happen, he knows he has to do better himself.

Our Little Hit Man

Jerry Mahoney recalls the time his son pushes his twin sister off a stage, the subsequent trip to the hospital, and the lessons they learned… The grownups, at least.

On Katha Pollitt’s Attack On Men, Women and Attachment Parenting

Mark Greene is fed up with the binary generalizations that run rampant in articles like Ms. Pollitt’s.

Epic Father’s Day Under $25.

Life of Dad details 8 ways to spend time with your kids on Father’s Day without breaking the bank.

The First Time I Made My Kid Cry

It’s not the first time at-home dad Andy Hinds has gotten angry, nor is it the first time his daughter has cried… But it’s the first time her tears were his fault.

Another Dad Blogger Screws Up

When one gender is put on a pedestal in the world of parenting, it just makes everything worse.

The Minivan Manifesto

Jerry Mahoney thinks it’s about time nature’s most maligned car got a little respect.

One-on-One Time With Your Kids is Good For the Soul

Jay Palter explains why it’s crucial to have one-on-one alone time with each of your children.