Unbelievably Bad Comics: Do or Do Not

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Ever wonder why there aren’t more Jedi?

There Are Only Two Kinds of Dads—Chickens or Pigs


Tor Constantino thinks good dads should be more like pigs than chickens.

Stuff Stay-at-Home-Dads Say [Video]


One stay-at-home dad, one baby girl, one dog, one camera.

When the Same Sex Couple in the Family are Both the Kids and the Parents

Me and my dad.

Rob Watson and his partner adopted two boys. Now they are “adopting” his parents.

In Our Gay Family, Two Little Best Friends Became Brothers

Best friends, best brothers.

Rob Watson and his partner planned to raise a boy and a girl. You know what they say about plans…

26 Things I’ve Learned From Being a Dad

Screen Shot 2012-11-07 at 6.52.18 PM

Fatherhood has changed Tom Matlack for the better.

New Study Finds Time With Dads is Good for Teen Self-Esteem

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One new study from the journal Child Development studied the amount of time teens and adolescents spend with their parents, and also how the time kids spent with the fathers both one-on-one and socially affected their self-esteem and social skills.