A Son Tells His Gay Dad , “You Are Not My Mom”

father and son

Although he knows he didn’t mean it, those words hurt Rob Watson, and where his son got the idea hurt almost as much.

I’m Turning Into My Father – And It’s Great

Father and son playing and bonding on Bogey-Board on Morro Stran

Steven Shewach has gotten over himself and become his father. And it is awesome.

10 Ways to Get Your Son to Open Up and Talk to You

get your son talking

Sometimes talking to your son can feel like a one way conversation.

100 Words on Love: A Sunday, in Bed

Zach Rosenberg and son

It’s incredible to me that you’re a little person, a real human being made from parts of me.

Bed Sex, Standing-Up Sex, and Garbage Can Sex

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No one taught Ben Tanzer about sex, so he wondered if he was really the right one to deliver The Talk to his own kid. Turns out, he was.

Of Pushups and Parenting


David Karpel shares a story of how a typical Tuesday turned profound.

14 Ways to Tell Your Son “I Love You”

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 1.22.12 PM

From playing board games to talking to him calmly, Jennifer Fink shares how parents can truly show their sons that they are loved.

25 Things I’d Like My Sons to Know


Tom Matlack offers 25 things he’d like his sons to know about life.