10 Survival Tips For Dads At Indoor Play Areas

Spending time at an indoor play area is no joke, and Mike Berman shares some tips so dads can keep their sanity and children intact.

My Homegrown Haircuts

barber tools

For Reginald Schroeder, haircuts are more than just a few minutes in a chair with scissors and clippers.

Why I’m Okay with Dad Missing the Big Things

chess 588

My husband may miss the “big things”, but the little things he does may be even bigger.

Cool Dad Raps in the Car With His Sons

Cool Dad Raps by Derek Clark

Look out Eminem. This dad can really rip it up!

Where Have All the Good Toys Gone?

How many of these guys can you name?

I can tell you. A lot of them ended up in the World’s Longest Yard Sale, and almost in my truck.

The Making of a Wild Child

darby 5

Get your child in the wild and the wild in your child because kids are natural in nature!

11 Bizarre Things You Might See at The World’s Longest Yard Sale

worlds longest yard sale

What can you find along 690 miles of yard sales? Pretty much anything.

An Open Letter to My Son’s Kindergarten Teacher


I’m giving my child to you. Please return him in the same or better condition in which you receive him.

9 Ways to Raise a Prodigy


The right clothes, the right books, the right diapers and BAM! Prodigy. Right? Yes, according to Nick Bhasin and his Miracle Baby.

The Best Way to Not Be a Has Been? Coach Will Bees.

ryan chin will bees

Ryan Chin can’t do all the tricks he used to, but that won’t keep him from teaching his kids two important words: Keep Trying.

Explaining Daddy Depression to My Little Miracle Baby

daddy depression bhasin photo Stefan Karpiniec

Nick Bhasin realized that sometimes the wisdom of a child is exactly the help a daddy needs.

A Son Tells His Gay Dad , “You Are Not My Mom”

father and son

Although he knows he didn’t mean it, those words hurt Rob Watson, and where his son got the idea hurt almost as much.

I’m Turning Into My Father – And It’s Great

Father and son playing and bonding on Bogey-Board on Morro Stran

Steven Shewach has gotten over himself and become his father. And it is awesome.

10 Ways to Get Your Son to Open Up and Talk to You

get your son talking

Sometimes talking to your son can feel like a one way conversation.

100 Words on Love: A Sunday, in Bed

Zach Rosenberg and son

It’s incredible to me that you’re a little person, a real human being made from parts of me.

Bed Sex, Standing-Up Sex, and Garbage Can Sex

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 12.38.02 PM

No one taught Ben Tanzer about sex, so he wondered if he was really the right one to deliver The Talk to his own kid. Turns out, he was.