Hands Do Not Define the Man

mans hands

The depth of a man’s love and care doesn’t always show up in the palms of his hands.

A Father’s Story: The Hopeful End to Generational Madness

father punishing son

It’s time to stop the legacy of pain and shame that goes with being a man, and a father.

This Week’s Dad Conversations Were All Heart


Our recap of the conversations we had this week to inspire and celebrate the best in dads.

My Inheritance From My Father

father and daughter

A daughter learns to accept the inheritances from her father, good and bad, and appreciate them for what they bring to her life.

A Father’s Lament


Being separated from your children opens a hole in your heart and in your life.

Confessions Of A Neat Freak Dad

cleaning up with dad

Children are slobs by nature, so what do you do when your dad-nature is the opposite?

Communication for Parents: How A Few Simple Changes Can Make a World of Difference


We learn to talk as children but learning to communicate with our own children can take a lifetime.

Yes, Dad’s a Man – But We CAN Talk About That

dad daughter

After sensing hesitation on talking about ‘girl’ things, Brian Gawlak reassures his daughter no subject is off limits.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire and Other Childhood Lies


It’s time to stop telling ourselves the lies we’ve believed since childhood, for our own mental health and for our kids.

We Need to Stop Ignoring Fathers


If we want fathers to be active participants in the lives of their children, we need to include them in the conversations leading up to that child’s birth.

When Did Play Get So Nice?


Would children be better off without adult-imposed rules, limiting their play?

The Ever Present Phenomenon of Stay-At Home Dads


Stay-at-home dads increased in a sluggish economy demanding creative daycare solutions. The result bred fathers, who today are reluctant to sacrifice time with their children.

Fathers: Redefining Roles and Relationships

In January of this year we began a series called “Portraits of Fatherhood”. We asked dads to respond to ten questions about their experience as a father, including how they combine work and family, and what moments in parenting do they consider as their “Best” and their “Worst”. The responses have been beautiful, remarkable and inspiring. […]

I’m Not An Expert On Women, But…

Doyin Richards is not an expert on women, but he has some ideas on what qualities they find to be sexy in men.

How Dads Provide for Their Families

grocerie dad

How understanding what being a provider means to you will make your parenting better.

This Dad’s Reaction When His Son Bought an Ariel Doll Will Make Your Day

mikki and azai ariel doll

How do you think a dad feels when his son wants to get THIS?