How to Be a Dad After the Loss of a Child

How to Be a Dad After the Loss of a Child

Adam Crawford’s daughter passed away when she was nine months old. This is what he’s learned about moving forward, as a father and as a man, after an unspeakable tragedy.

A Personal History Lesson — On Turning 65

old man musing

Thoughts on women’s rights and war, on stay-at-home dads and empty nest syndrome. From someone who’s been there, done that.

6 Times Dads Totally Won in 2014


2014 was definitely the year of the dad.

A Father’s Music Brings a Baby Pure Joy

A Fathers Music by tharunet

When dad picks up his guitar, this baby shakes, rattles, and rolls his way right into your heart.

5 New Year’s Resolutions I’m Stealing From My Daughters

5 new years by Patrick Sallee

Patrick Sallee admits he’s a thief who steals from his own kids. But in this case, the ends justify the means.

What I Learned When My Lover Let Me Down

cup of coffee

Little things can seem big, but sometimes they’re just big lessons in disguise.

The Aftermath of Abandonment, What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?

boy on the doorstep

His father abandoned him time and time again, but Brian Bowers has found his own path to peace and acceptance.

What My Daughter Taught Me on the Playground

When Mindfulness Meets by Caitlin Regan

Ty Phillips pays attention to his daughter and reaps the benefits of mindful parenting.

How Men’s Work Changed My Life

How Mens Work by Thomas Fiffer

Becoming Dad Founder Darren Mattock talks about how becoming a father awakened him to his purpose of preparing men for fatherhood.

A Buddhist Dad’s Guide to Parenting

A Buddhist Dad by alanboar

Dharma teacher and mindfulness master Ty Phillips offers fathers a dose of practical philosophy.

You’re a Stay-at-Home Dad? You Must Be…

You’re a Stay-at-Home Dad? You Must Be…

Chris Bernholdt is a proud stay-at-home dad, but he can’t believe how some people still question the masculinity of men who choose to be their children’s primary caregiver.

Fatherhood: Everyday is a 4th Quarter Game-Winning Jump Shot

Coltrane Curtis and son

If you ask Coltrane Curtis, being a dad is the most selfish thing you can do – because nothing could bring more joy.

We Are All Santa

jaklumen santa

Jonathan Pratt played Santa to his kids in more than just one way… So what would happen when it was finally time to tell his daughter the truth about Christmas magic?

Dodging the Crimson Bullet: How a False Alarm Helped Me Realize I Am (Mostly) Ready for My Little Girl to Start Growing Up

Dodging the Crimson Bullet: How a False Alarm Helped Me Realize I Am (Mostly) Ready for My Little Girl to Start Growing Up

Brian Gawlak missed almost every major milestone in his young daughter’s life, but, one day, unexpectedly found himself facing the one big milestone that he wasn’t sure he was ready for…

How Do You Talk About Divorce?

How Do You Talk About Divorce?

Faced with friends ending their marriages, Bryan Alkire wonders about the best ways to remain supportive and explain the concept of divorce to his young children.

7 Powerful Images of Black Fatherhood in America

Zun Lee

Zun Lee’s powerful photo series, “Father Figure,” offers a striking and intimate view of black fatherhood in America.