10 Delivery Room Survival Tips For First-Time Dads From a Cocky Father of Three

Jason Greene fancies himself a delivery-room expert. Here he offers 10 pro-tips to dads on how to survive the birth of their first child.

The Ninth Circle of Hell – Dante and the DMV

Dante has nothing on Jason Greene, who stood in line at the DMV for an entire day… With three kids.

“I went to kiss my sleeping daughter goodnight. She woke up and said, ‘Daddy, you’re home?'”

This is a comment by Adam on the post “This is What Real Fatherhood Looks Like”.

Saying Goodbye to Our Park

On their last trip to a neighborhood park, Jerry Mahoney finally gives in and lets his twin toddlers run free

How to Not be “That Guy” in Your Kids’ Lives

Tom Limbert offers advice on how to be a great coach and supportive parent, from some of the greatest coaches in the history of professional sports.

Dadmissions: My 4 Year-Old’s Crush

Pete Wilgoren knew he’d someday have to deal with his daughter falling in love… But he wasn’t expecting it to happen when she was 4 years old.

Being Someone Great

John Taylor wants his children to be known for their greatness, not fame or wealth or prestige, but for their greatness of character. For that to happen, he knows he has to do better himself.

Jay-Z: The Man, The Father, The Legacy

Single father Showtime is inspired by Jay-Z to remember that raising strong children who are morally, socially, and academically upstanding begins with us.

What if My Kids are A**holes?

Is your 2 year-old a budding Bernie Madoff? A future Cliff Claven? Jerry Mahoney comes to terms with the fact that sometimes kids are jerks.

So You Want to Be My Babysitter… 5 Things You Should Know Without Me Telling You

At-home dad Jerry Mahoney has a few guidelines for anyone who wants to babysit his kids.

How Parent Blogging Made Me a Worse Parent

Andy Hinds confesses how overly-ambitious daddy blogging late into the night made him into a grumpy, hypocrite dad in the morning.

My Father’s Ponytails: A Love Story

My father wants me to mix his ashes with the ponytails that he has saved in plastic bags. All things considered, this seems like a reasonable final directive.

Confessions of a Bad Dad: 10 Reasons We Love McDonald’s

Jerry Mahoney lists 10 reasons why taking his kids to McDonald’s is important… Or maybe just not so bad.

I’m OK, You’re OK

How can men feel good about themselves as caregivers and homemakers?

Parenting Magazine and the Changing Role of Dads

DadsGood blogger Andy Hinds weighs in on HLN.com today about the ways in which at-home dads are portrayed in mainstream media.

My Son Wants to Wear a Dress

Gay superdad Jerry Mahoney isn’t sure what to say when his toddler son wants to wear a dress.