Three Men and a Vote: EU Referendum is Turning into a Tory Boys’ Own Story

This campaign is not only about UK involvement in the EU but also about the future of the present British government.

A Dad Documents His Premature Son’s First Year of Life

Benjamin Scot Miller celebrated his son’s first birthday by publishing a video. It went viral instantly.

Can We Stop With the “Men Think About Sex All The Time” Studies?

Kate Conway is sick of all the studies about how often men think about sex, and wonders, does it even matter?

This is What the Face of Homophobia Looks Like

The graphic photographs of Wilfred de Bruijn after being brutally beaten in a hate crime are helping make change. – Warning, this post contains graphic images.

Doctor With Alzheimer’s Chronicles the Experience on Blog

Dr. David Hilfiker says he is writing his blog to “dispel some of the fear and embarrassment that surrounds Alzheimer’s.”

Vet Who Lost Leg in Afghanistan Now Helps Prepare Recruits for Realities of War (VIDEO)

Joel Booth said, “I’m not afraid of it just because something bad happened. For people who haven’t been in combat, it’s hard to understand.”

Would You Turn Your Teenager in to The Authorities?

The boy’s parents positively identified their sons to police on Friday.

OPEN THREAD: Harry Styles Newest Tattoo Has People Asking, Should Tattoos Be Designated “Masculine” or “Feminine”?

Are certain tattoos off-limits to men?

South Dakota Passes Legislation to Arm Teachers

The US will be watching South Dakota in the next several months to see how they manage the details of this new legislation.

Oscar-Nominated Palistinian Film-Maker Detained by Immigration

Even with the official Oscars nomination and invitations, immigration officials didn’t believe that a Palestinian farmer had been nominated for an Academy Award.

Study Indicates Number of Gay Men Contracting HIV in UK Has Nearly Doubled in Last 20 Years

The introduction of new and effective antiretroviral drugs has made people more comfortable having unprotected sex, with dire consequences.

Iceland Set to Block Internet Porn Over Safety Concerns for Children

World pornography authority Professor Gail Dines says, “Iceland is taking a very progressive approach that no other democratic country has tried.”

Boyfriend Shaves His Head to Show “Solidarity” With Cancer Stricken Girlfriend

A gesture of love becomes an internet sensation.

Community Mourns Bus Driver Who Died Trying to Protect “His” Children

Donny Bynum, the Dale County School Superintendent said, “If more people wanted to be like Chuck the world would be a better place.”

Irish Property Developer Found With “Thief “Carved in His Forehead

Reports indicate Kevin McGeever may have been kidnapped by Russian gangsters over money he owed them.

U.K. Burger King Admits to Horse Meat in Burgers

Burger King VP Diego Beamonte said, “We are deeply troubled by the findings of our investigation and apologize to our guests, who trust us to source only the highest quality 100% beef burgers.”