How Political Comedy Culture Breeds Social Apathy

Contemporary American political satirists such as Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and John Oliver provide comic relief in the face of social injustice, but humor can undermine the fight to address serious issues.

Comedy About Guns, Racism, and Police Violence: It’s Funny Because It’s True. And That’s Not Funny.

Michael Kasdan thanks his lucky stars for the Daily Show’s hard-hitting comedy and satire.

The Daily Show Tackles Child Labor on US Tobacco Farms

Think dangerous child labor is something that happens in “third world” countries? Think again. Tobacco farms right here in the USA are using agricultural labor law loopholes to exploit kids as young as 7.

Hey Jon Stewart, You Gotta Stop Making Fun of Mitch McConnell’s Face

Despite her overwhelming love for The Daily Show, Joanna Schroeder thinks Jon Stewart’s turtle jokes about Senator McConnell are a hypocritical step too far.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – Kevin Spacey Tears Washington To Shreds

House of Cards star riffs on Congress.

Jon Stewart Wins the Internet Forever With His Response to Michael Sam Coming Out

Kirsten Clodfelter gives a standing ovation to the men who are speaking up in support of Michael Sam—including the incredibly funny Jon Stewart.

Making a Kramer Out of Melissa Harris-Perry

Why the media’s coverage of the Melissa Harris-Perry controversy wrongfully made her into a villain.

War, What’s It Good For? Absolutely Nothin’

Oil is a filthy vicious sludge. War is a filthy vicious game with deadly consequences. Both go hand in hand and neither make much sense, writes Giovanni Barbieri.

NEWSER: US Embassy in Cairo Scrubs ‘Daily Show’ Tweet

Egyptian officials weren’t happy with a recent tweet from the US embassy in Cairo—so the embassy pulled its Twitter feed, at least initially.

The Daily Show: Jon Stewart Stands Up for ‘Egypt’s Jon Stewart’ (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart said, “A democracy isn’t a democracy if it only lasts until someone makes fun of your hat.”

VIDEO: Jon Stewart Explains Why President Obama is Not a “Tyrannical Dictator”

Stewart says, “Looks like a tyrant is anyone sworn to protect the constitution that you didn’t vote for.”

Should Health Care Be Prorated by Your BMI?

A chance meeting with a cardiologist had me thinking twice about our national priorities about health care and the fiscal cliff.

Samantha Bee on Women in the Military, Rick Santorum, and Rape

Sam Bee is the most dangerous woman in comedy. Check that. The World.

Movies: Red Tails Wages War on Political Expectations With Solid Entertainment

It’s been a long time coming but we knew that the Tuskeegee Airmen’s time would come, thanks to Massa George Lucas.

Opinion: The Commentary Track for the June 23rd Buy Pile [@cbr]

An analysis of Hannibal Tabu’s reviews column on Comic Book Resources.