On the Pittsburgh Stabbing: “Boys are always stabbing and shooting up schools.”

High School Stabbings

Another massive act of violence has been perpetrated against our nation’s students. Why aren’t we mentioning education in our talks about prevention?

The Dalai Lama Was Wrong About Women

dalai lama nancy pelosi

Jacob Nordby shares the surprising perspective of an empowered modern woman who contradicts the Dalai Lama.

How to Start an Empathy Revolution


Roman Krznaric believes the old story that we are basically selfish, self-interested creatures has been debunked. Now is the time for an empathy revolution.

A Fun and Funny Recipe For A Happy, Healthy Life


Lauren Lobley’s 10 ingredients for a happier life.

Soul Bites: You are the Temple

dalai lama

It really is this simple.

10 Uplifting Quotes for When Bad Things Happen


Lori Lothian’s favorite soul-saving wisdoms for really tough times.

Russell Brand’s Biggest Hypocrisy


Russel Brand’s biggest hypocrisy isn’t his sexism, it’s his spiritual infidelity.

Thích Nhất Hạnh Kicked My Ass


How a Nobel Peace Prize nominee gave Cameron Conaway one of the biggest beatdowns of his life.

Man-to-Man with Cultural Thinker Roman Krznaric


Roman Krznaric is perhaps the world’s foremost authority on empathy. Here’s our interview with him.

Embracing Destruction

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How do we learn to take decisive action?

Top Ten Hottest Celebrity Butts of All Time

Sidney Poitier

OMG! Celebrities are so hot and have super hot butts! Josh Bowman has gone through the ‘BUTT-BREAKING WORK (JK LOL!) of finding the hottest butts of all time. Do you agree or disagree? Let the de-BUTTS begin! ZOMG.

Is Fighting a Part of Manhood? Cameron Conaway on HuffPost Live

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 11.25.56 AM

It started with an article in Ask Men, called The Joy of Punching by Robbie Dillon, wherein Dilllon attests to the inherent masculinity of fighting, and the badge of honor that comes from having been beaten up.

The Four Types of Men: Part III – The Monk


The Monk is the archetype closest to achieving what we understand as Enlightenment, and every one of us who wishes to reach this place of spiritual peace must access our own Monk to find calm, discipline, and love.

Man-to-Man with Tai Chi master and author Arthur Rosenfeld


Cameron Conaway sits down with Arthur Rosenfield to discuss Tai Chi and what’s next for this modern-day monk.

Should the Dalai Lama Speak Out About Self-Immolation?


Cameron Conaway explains the thoughtfulness behind the Dalai Lama’s controversial “No answer” answer.

The Dalai Lama Is Concerned About You

Screen Shot 2012-03-31 at 12.08.47 PM

When asked what surprised him most about humanity, the Dalai Lama answered, “Man… He lives as if he is never going to die, and then he dies never having really lived.”