The Political Theology of Climate Denial


We have long since answered the question over whether humanity is responsible for climate change, and now we need to figure out how to fix the damage we have wrought.

How Revenge Site is Bad For Men AND Women


At what time is somebody allowed to move past their indiscretions and live a normal, happy life? Turns out revenge isn’t so sweet.

5 Crippling Phrases Dads Should Never Say to Their Kids


Tor Constantino calls for an end to five phrases many of us heard as children and may use as parents, because these words damage our kids.

Confronting the Devil on Your Shoulder

photo by hatchibombotar

To find the way past the scars of emotional abuse, Thomas Pluck goes back to the beginning.

UPDATE: New Photos! NYC Today 4 PM – Huge Crane Collapsing, Dangling Above 57th Street. (Photo)


Photo of collapsing crane (Breaking News 4PM EST, NYC)

“Withholding sex as a weapon IS abuse.”


This is a comment by Archy on the post “Withholding Sex is Not a Joke”.

Ending Homophobia, One Brother at a Time


The key to ending homophobia might be to open the conversation and create safe spaces.

“Forgiveness is not a verb, but a place that one gradually arrives at after internal work.”


This is a comment by Drew on the post “Why Forgiving Others Makes Life Better For You”.

Strange Freedom

walking out the door

In quitting a job, Rick Belden finds a strange new sensation: freedom.

“If a man chooses to engage in porn over a relationship, why is that a problem? Porn use has broken relationships, but no one is owed a relationship.”


This is a comment by John Anderson on the post “The Single Biggest Obstacle Facing Boys and Men Today”.

Punch Me in the Face: The Sobering Confessions of a Man


Why does it seem like manliness hinges on being able to physically dominate each other?