Confronting the Devil on Your Shoulder

photo by hatchibombotar

To find the way past the scars of emotional abuse, Thomas Pluck goes back to the beginning.

UPDATE: New Photos! NYC Today 4 PM – Huge Crane Collapsing, Dangling Above 57th Street. (Photo)


Photo of collapsing crane (Breaking News 4PM EST, NYC)

“Withholding sex as a weapon IS abuse.”


This is a comment by Archy on the post “Withholding Sex is Not a Joke”.

Ending Homophobia, One Brother at a Time


The key to ending homophobia might be to open the conversation and create safe spaces.

“Forgiveness is not a verb, but a place that one gradually arrives at after internal work.”


This is a comment by Drew on the post “Why Forgiving Others Makes Life Better For You”.

Strange Freedom

walking out the door

In quitting a job, Rick Belden finds a strange new sensation: freedom.

“If a man chooses to engage in porn over a relationship, why is that a problem? Porn use has broken relationships, but no one is owed a relationship.”


This is a comment by John Anderson on the post “The Single Biggest Obstacle Facing Boys and Men Today”.

Punch Me in the Face: The Sobering Confessions of a Man


Why does it seem like manliness hinges on being able to physically dominate each other?