Learning to Foxtrot


In this touching, relatable poem, Jessica Server offers some sympathy to those boys whose “deep phobia of dancing” keeps them from getting close to the women they pine after.

When Was the Last Time You Danced?


At some point something triggered my “I don’t give a F” button and all bets have been off ever since.

These Break Dancers are More Than Just Flashy Moves

Project Positive 2

Post arrest, Project Positive founder Damon Holley sets sights on new markets.

Dance: A Metaphor for Life and Love

buenos aires- Gustavo Brazzalle-flickr

Eduardo García explains the parallels between life, love, and dancing, where music is merely romantic storytelling and each person is the protagonists of their own personal epic.

Star Wars Characters Meet “Happy” & Dance Party Ensues (Video)

dancing storm trooper

With a title like “Happy,” I found it hard to believe that Pharrell Williams’ makes-you-wanna-move hit could be improved upon…. Then Star Wars characters were added to the mix.

Put a Little Fred Astaire in Your Life

Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers

Movement, talent and joy. Back in 1937 (yes, 76 years ago!), the American dancer performed another great piece in A Damsel in Distress movie.

Proof That Men Can Dance Too. When We Want To …

GMP bits safety dance

Michael Kasdan found the let-it-all-hang-out joy of this video contagious, and was dancing in his chair. You will too. So dance like nobody’s watching. Or, you know, everybody.

A Love Letter to That ’60s Boy Dancer

Bobby Banas

Adam Dyer on the greatest dancer you don’t know by name.

The Pain of Separation and the Love Within


Poet Brian Bowers on grief and goodbyes, and the way love is woven through them both.

We Are the Strange

We are the strange.

JJ Vincent shares the secrets of great afternoons-strange people, puppies, and lots of dancing.

What I Learned from my Mom’s Zumba Class

zumba photo by schoeters

Alex Pollack wasn’t sure how he felt having his mom scream “booty work” at a crowd of dance-crazed strangers. So he took one of her classes to find out.

Men Dance. On the Street, in the Mall, at the Factory, in the Library.

men dancing

JJ Vincent hopes that this will inspire men to turn on some music and dance.

Dad and Daughter Film Last Dance Together at Her Wedding Before He Died of Cancer (Video)


This is love.

This is the REAL Harlem Shake — #SavetheShake (Video)


I wanted to leap out of my chair and dance within ten seconds: the viral meme has nothing on the original dance.

Is the “Harlem Shake” Racist? Harlem Reacts to the Internet Dance Craze (Video)


See what Harlem residents have to say about the internet’s latest meme.

“I am not wearing yoga pants to oppress your sexuality or tempt you into sin.”


Julie Gillis says that her choice of pants are her choice, and hers alone, and that the uptick in these stretchy, wonderful pants in culture is not even about anyone but the wearers. It’s about comfort, happiness, and health.