5 Ways Men Can Develop Their Emotional Presence In Bed

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Jordan Gray says that your emotional presence, passion, and desire for your partner will always be more important than masterful sexual technique.

Meet The Subway Singer Behind One Of The UK’s Biggest Dance Hits

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Damon C. Scott’s underground story that is changing music and lives.

Dancing Dad Nails it!

dancing dad

Why are so many dads such great dancers? Does procreation empower their groove?

This Guy Did a Dance Routine in 100 Different Places and Edited It Together. Enjoy.

100 days of dance guy

It started with a bucket list item: #22 Learn to dance.

3 Reasons Why Dance Dads Are Awesome!


In the end, being a dance dad isn’t about me. It’s about my daughter.

To the Boys Who Want To Dance


Despite the TV shows, music videos, and endless youtube channels, boys are still getting teased for dancing.

The King of Burlesque Checks In

RB final

“Burlesque is a beautiful thing,” says the King, Russell Bruner. Alison Tedford slowly reveals all the humor and sexuality in this timeless art form.

This Is How You Dance to Michael Jackson

This Is How by Stanton Warriors

Watch this kid reincarnate Michael Jackson at a school talent show.

Have You Ever Been Lost In The Dance?

Ice Spiral

There is a rhythm, melody and harmony in every dance just waiting for your surrender.

The Ballet Performance That Is Blowing Up the Internet [video]


Here is a beautiful man dancing in ways that are both artistically powerful and deeply soulful. So, thanks for that, universe.

This Man Can Move His Body

This Man Can by David LaChappelle Studio

Watch ballet star Sergei Polunin move his body to Hozier’s ‘Take Me to Church’ in a way that will move your heart.

What’s Wrong With Sexy?


Aydan Dunnigan-Vidruck asks: does sexy miss the point in the tango?

“Never Lose a Fantasy Football Bet” Video Makes Us Glad Chuck Jose Did

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Chuck Jose rocks the leotard in his shot-for-shot recreation of Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ music video, which he made as his punishment for losing a fantasy football bet.

Behind the Scenes of a Flash Mob

flash mob

Have you ever wondered what goes into participating in a flash mob?

Male Pole Dancer as Metaphor for Masculinity

pole dance

Do male pole dancers point a metaphorical finger in the direction of mature masculinity?

Dance Until Your Pants Light Up the Floor


Chill. Watch. Say “I wish I could move like that.” Repeat.