How a Death-Defying Sea Voyage Helped Mend the Relationship With My Kids That Divorce Destroyed

death defying sea voyage

Sprague Theobald set out on a journey to become closer to his children. It wasn’t as easy as he thought while in the middle ship-killing ice fields, polar bears, and mind-numbing isolation.

The Most Uncool Thing I’ve Ever Written About Drinking

This beer makes my head feel so tiny!

With the trend of the lethal drinking game “Neknominations” becoming mainstream, Amy White wants to reach out to kids with her story … and doesn’t care how uncool you think it is.

“I acted like an ass in front of my kids and put them in danger.”

Road Rage

This comment by Jonny on the post To the Ticket Agent as the Delta Counter

The Rape That Didn’t Happen

Dark Road photo by

On a dark road in Kuala Lumur, Nikki learns the value of a good man.

Dads Are Not the Enemy

dad, father, stereotypes, men

Whit Honea was told that men are inherently dangerous. He disagrees.

The Day I Realized My Son Was One of ‘Us’

old land rover-by !RD-flickr

The best sorts of discoveries are the ones you bleed for, or bruise for, or burn for. And now it seems my son is going to be just as good at learning as my father and I were.

“What strikes me about Carlos Arredondo was that this instinct to act came from his heart without time to think, which defines him as a true man.”


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Down the Hatch

Do Not Attempt, stupid things boys do, male adolescence, drowning hazards, swimming safety

Tsach Gilboa, at age fifteen, finds himself locked in a death struggle with his best friend—for the attention of a girl.

Help Is on the Way

Holocaust, mass deaths, crisis, emergency, natural disaster, war, serious injury, how to help

How do we avoid bystander apathy in an emergency?

Navy Lietenant Thomas Saenz Earns Master’s Degree in Combat Zone

thomas saenz, navy, college, graduation, combat zone

For Thomas Saenz, no risk was too great to get the education he wanted.

Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living

burned out airliner

How can practicing Buddhism save you from a burning wreck?

The Function of Adrenalin in Boys’ Rites of Passage

skate park

The young generation can be a threat to the status quo, or an energy source that needs direction, depending on how we meet the challenge.

Dear John: A Guest Who Brings a Lot of Baggage


An old secret threatens a marriage, a girlfriend won’t open up about changes in her life, and a father of three suddenly wants a motorcycle.

Very Superstitious


Rituals we perform for good luck are known as sorcery, and actions we avoid out of superstition are taboos.

Life Keeps Getting Easier


Despite present-day injustice, unequal distribution of wealth, tragedy, and even petty inconvenience, we have much to be grateful for, including the fact that progress marches on.

#50: Houseguest


A houseguest leaps through flames to save the life of a sleeping baby.