So You’ve Read My Rape Story – Now What?

After telling the story of his rape, Nico Lang found a lot of support. But he also found harassment and accusations. Here, five tips for how to support the survivors in your life.

The Suicide of Kate Middleton’s Nurse – Should We Bully the Bullies?

Whether we’re talking about school bullies, Daniel Tosh, or the radio personalities who humiliated a nurse into suicide, the worst thing we can do is lose our own sense of empathy.

Guess What: Rape’s Not Funny When the Victim is a Man, Either

Miriam takes issue with the sexual assault joke in Jezebel’s ‘Sexytime Dilemmas’ column, and asserts that jokes about raping men simply aren’t funny.

Louis CK and the Brilliantly-Crafted Feminism vs Comedy Joke

Joanna Schroeder thinks feminists should take another look at the Louis CK joke that pits feminists against comedy.

“Comedy is a tool we use to talk about uncomfortable subjects.”

This is a comment by Nick, mostly on the post “Daniel Tosh Apologizes for Rape Jokes”.

Daniel Tosh Apologizes for Rape Jokes

Can rape jokes ever be funny? Daniel Tosh apologizes for offending people while noting that his jokes were misquoted by an audience member.

Video: ‘Tosh.0’ Host Takes Jaw Punch From Manny Pacquiao

After Daniel Tosh steps in the ring with Pacquiao, he says, “See, Mayweather, that’s how a man behaves.”

Man Using Twitter to Ask Celebrities, ‘Are You Circumcised?’

Why is this guy asking celebrities whether they’re circumcised?