4 Small Habits To Massively Improve Your Relationship

Jordan Gray says that these simple, easy habits can transform the quality of your intimate relationship.

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Long Distance Dates: How to Date Your Partner 3,000 Miles Away

Long-distance relationships are hard — for a lot of reasons. But a lack of date ideas doesn’t have to be one of them.

Can You Make Yourself Rejection-Proof?

Patrick Sallee may have found the secret to successful dating.

Coming of Age: Dad’s Influence on Girls to Women

Being a teenager is hard. Being a parent is hard. Be the Dad that bridges the gap.

8 Types of Men Women Love (or Hate) to Date

A list of men who make rotten dating partners—with one exception.

How I Met The Woman Of My Dreams Using Facebook

Jordan Gray met the woman of his dreams using Facebook (and total honesty). Find out how.

Leave it to the Pros: 5 Reasons to Never Let Friends Play Matchmaker

I don’t just mean you should hire an exclusive matchmaking service because, while that may be ideal, it is not realistic for everyone’s budget.

Vegan and Non-Vegan: 7 Relationship Survival Tips

…what do you do when you’ve gotten it all right except for one tiny detail—you’re a vegan, but your partner? Not so much.

An Evening on the Love Train

Ray Jennings wanted his first date with Danielle to be perfect. But he also needed to be himself.

If A Beautiful Woman Makes You Nervous, That’s A Good Thing

Sarah Jones says that your nervousness around a woman you’re attracted to actually helps you out for these four reasons. —– If you’re talking to a beautiful woman, the last thing you want her to see is your nervousness, right? Anxiety feels vulnerable, and many men think that showing any anxiety at all makes them […]

The Solution to Every Man’s Valentine’s Day Dilemma

The pressure to please your partner on V-Day can be unbearable for men. Gentlemen, here’s your answer.

Dating Profile Must-Haves for the Discerning Gentlemen

Jen Doan says that these six tips will improve your online dating game ten-fold.

6 Tips for Snagging a V-Day Date

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3 Ways To Set Up Your Single Life For Success In Dating

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5 Dates That Will Reconnect You As A Couple

Jordan Gray says that every couple should have a few dates on stand-by to help them deeply reconnect. Here are five of the best.

Your Significant Other Is Not A Crutch For Your Growth

Jordan Gray says that, no matter how hard you try, you can’t outsource your growth to your partner.