The Sexiest Words To Say On A First Date

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Adam Gilad says that verbalizing your sexual intent early on in your relationship is a win-win situation for all involved.

Are You The Reacher Or The Settler?

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Ever heard of the reacher/settler debate? Jordan Gray has something new to say about it.

4 Ways To Plan A Date She Can’t Wait To Tell Her Friends About

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Patrick King says that planning a memorable date doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

5 Mistakes Guys Make When Messaging Women Online

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Patrick King says that while the technology available to us has evolved quickly, our ability to use it effectively is severely lacking.

How To Plan Powerful First Dates

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Jordan Gray says that planning new and unique dates can be fun. You just have to follow these simple guidelines.

I Was Born With an Expiration Date

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Al Deluise had a premonition he was going to die on August 8th. (Hey, that’s today!) But he doesn’t know what year…

Any Guy Who Has Watched A Movie Of His Choice With His Girlfriend Can Relate (Photo)


For many men in relationships, these pics are eerily accurate.

The One Question You Should Never Have to Ask While on a Date

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Jeffery Platts knows that when dating, if you want to order love and sex, you gotta put them on the menu.

It Almost Didn’t Happen


While I was wandering the desert of relationships, I almost missed a chance at love.

“It’s become obvious how little men and women are actually listening to each other.”


This is a comment by DD on the post “The Danger in Demonizing Male Sexuality”.

Six Reasons Why Women Might Ask Men to “Call Me to Confirm”

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Victory Unlimited’s advice to a man who can’t figure out why a woman would respond to a date request the way she did.

“Play with your food, try new ingredients, make weird stuff, get messy, be creative and don’t worry about whether or not what you are making is going to be a masterpiece. It is only food.”


This was a comment by Arthur MacMaste on the post “Celebrity Chefs Like Gordon Ramsay Make Cooking Cool for Boys Too”.

Dear John: Going From One Bad Relationship To Another


Dear John addresses a bad rebound, a friend who wants a pot-head to get a “real job”, and a cute landlord.

“While women don’t like being objectified, we do want to be attractive to our male partners.”


This is a comment by Erin on the post “I’d Court You if I Didn’t Have to Objectify You First”.


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Short fiction by Richard Aubrey

‘I Would Date Anyone Who Writes for or Reads the Good Men Project’

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Our favorite tweet of the day.