Why You Will Probably Get Back Together With Your Ex, Even If You Shouldn’t


The dating game these days is rough. And it’s no wonder that many people go back to dating their ex’s, even after bad breakups. Here’s why so many people opt for the familiar.

Making First Dates Fun Again

Much nicer than a bar.

David Baxter has a couple of novel ideas for taking the stress out of first dates.

One Simple Habit To Crush Any Conversation: From CEOs To The Girl In The Bar

conversation photo indrarado

Ever had one of those awkward conversational silences? Charlie Houpert has a simple way to avoid a big one.

5 Online Dating Profile Mistakes Men Make and How to Fix Them


Online dating is competitive. Kate Houston is a professional online dating profile writer with some tips to help men succeed.

The Misadventures of Dating When Queer and Crippled

person with disabilities

Andrew Morrison-Gurza shares a few of the questions that he’s gotten on first dates in hopes of sparing others these awkward moments.

“Both enjoyed first date or never again = Split the check.”

Meet 4 coffee

This comment by Kitti on the post Ladies, It’s Time You Asked a Man on a Date

Finding True Confidence


We all know that confidence is sexy, but you can’t just manufacture it… Or can you? Harris O’Malley breaks it down.

The 4 Actual Reasons Women Aren’t Answering Your Texts


Fellas. Texting etiquette is a real thing. If a woman isn’t texting you back, here’s why.

Why Women Don’t Approach


A lot of guys lament the fact that they have to be the ones to initiate with women… Dr. NerdLove examines whether that’s true, and why.

Stop Hanging Out: How To Ask Her On A Proper Date


Guys, when it’s time to step up and ask that special woman out on a date, here’s how to do it.

Is Your Apartment Thwarting Your Love Life?


What if the place you call home is holding you back from true love?

What Story Are You Telling Yourself About Love?

What Story Are You Telling Yourself About Love

If you’ve been afraid to date or unhappy with your love life, ask yourself, “What story have I been telling myself?”

Date Whoever the Hell You Want

Put aside the checklist and focus on the person.

Ketan Anjaria has decided to toss the dating checklists, and suggests you do the same.

What You Need to Learn From the Movie ‘Her’

Although I’m dreading the upcoming deluge of ironic mustaches on twee sadboys.

Harris O’Malley just saw “Her”, and thinks there’s a lot guys can learn about love and relationships from this film about a man who falls in love with his operating system.

How To Reform a Creeper

“Good to know.”

You need to understand what makes a creeper creepy.

One Foot Out the Door

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