“Do nice guys really finish last or is it simply a myth?”

Nice Guy

Why Don’t Women Like Nice Guys?

Recovering From Relationship Failure


Dr. NerdLove reminds guys that even if your relationship fails, YOU are not a failure.

5 Key Truths To Remember When Dating An Independent Woman


For the men who need to know how to love an independent woman, here’s an awesome guide.

7 Reasons You Think Relationships Suck


James Michael Sama wants you to know that not everyone is going to hurt you.

The Search Is Over: 4 Signs Your Guy Is The Prince Charming You’ve Been Looking For


How can men find out what women want? By reading what they write. A young female writer drops some knowledge about what makes a man Mr. Right.

Throw Away Your Old Dating Checklists!


John Stephens believes we need to end the gender dichotomy if we want better relationships. Here’s what he thinks a new checklist should look like.

When Bad Dating Advice Happens to Good People


Have you received dating advice so terrible that you question taking it even years later? Katerina Simms presents her top 5 crappy pieces of dating advice, with strategies for how to flip them on their head.

Building Attraction: What Matters More – Looks or Personality?


Yes, there’s actually science in the debate about whether personality or looks matter more. Dr. NerdLove explains.

The Type Of Person You Deserve Will Never Make You Settle

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‘In the end, we’re not looking for perfect. We’re looking for perfect for us.’

There Are Two Ways To Get What You Want…


Nate Bagley looks at how to get what we need and want out of relationships.

Sometimes Loving Someone So Much Means Letting Your Best Friend Go


Paul Hudson writes about why sometimes, we may have to let go of the ones we love. While we’re still in love with them.

What Women Want. I Cracked The Code, And Here’s The Secret.


An old, Gen-X writer found the answer to the ages old question “What does she want from me?” Are you ready for the answer?

Why You Will Probably Get Back Together With Your Ex, Even If You Shouldn’t


The dating game these days is rough. And it’s no wonder that many people go back to dating their ex’s, even after bad breakups. Here’s why so many people opt for the familiar.

Making First Dates Fun Again

Much nicer than a bar.

David Baxter has a couple of novel ideas for taking the stress out of first dates.

One Simple Habit To Crush Any Conversation: From CEOs To The Girl In The Bar

conversation photo indrarado

Ever had one of those awkward conversational silences? Charlie Houpert has a simple way to avoid a big one.

5 Online Dating Profile Mistakes Men Make and How to Fix Them


Online dating is competitive. Kate Houston is a professional online dating profile writer with some tips to help men succeed.