5 Relationship “Red Flags” that Can Actually be Signs of a Healthy Partner

happy couple2

Have you disqualified potential partners over behaviors that could actually be healthy?

4 Pieces of Relationship Advice You Should Ignore

ignore this relationship advice

If you want to find lasting love, ignore these clichés.

What Happens When You Stay Single For Too Long?

single too long

Jamie Rea thinks the skills guys gain in a relationship are important – but don’t worry, you won’t completely destroy your chances if you’re single for a long time.

Guys, We Need to Show Women That There are Still Some Good Men Out There

do good men exist

Women are jaded about men, and men aren’t helping with their behavior. James Michael Sama presents a solution.

10 Ways to Turn Down A Second Date

how to turn down a date

Samantha Burns knows you can do better than “ghosting” or “fading.” Here’s how you can let them down easy.

You Don’t Need a Good Dad to Find a Good Man

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Having a good father isn’t a requirement for finding a good man or husband or partner or long-lasting significant other. In fact, having a hateful, hurtful and otherwise harmful father can help ensure that you won’t end up with a man who treats you the same.

8 Signs Your Relationship Is Built to Last

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Would you be less miserable if you’d been more discerning to start with? James M. Sama on how to know which relationships might stand the test of time.

Do You Have a Dating Blind Spot?

dating blind spot

Stephen Nash knows what can get in the way for men who want happy and successful relationships. Your last first date could be around the corner.

Ever Been With Someone Who is Great At Relationships? It’s Like Magic. (And Here’s How They Do It.)

17 Things Successful Couples Do Differently

“Love can be hard work but it should never feel like it takes more than it gives. When you’re in a relationship with someone who does relationships well, you never have to guess where you stand.”

“My Friends Think I’m Cheating But It’s Just Sex.”

no strings attached

Heather Gray gets real: No strings attached sex cuts the strings attached between you and your boyfriend.

10 Things Strong Women Love About Men

what strong women like in men

Even some of the strongest, most independent women are looking for love. James M. Sama explains how to be a good teammate.

Stop Giving Your Heart to the Wrong People

high standards dating

Listen up, not every person deserves the love you have to give. James M. Sama explains why.

She’s 50. He’s Pushing 70. Can it Work?

shes 50 hes 70

“I feel like I have the best of both worlds –until people give us weird looks when my ‘dad’ grabs my ass.”

Why You Should Never Choose Your Significant Other

finding your soulmate

James Michael Sama explains that if you have trouble choosing between two people, then neither of them is right for you.

3 Questions That Will Tell You if It’s Time to Breakup.

3 questions breakup

Is it time to call it quits in your relationship, even if you’re in love? Samantha Burns helps you find out.

8 Reasons Sober Guys Make the Best Boyfriends

date a sober guy

Joanna Schroeder knows, she’s married to one.