I Gave Up on the “Perfect Man” and I’m 10 Times Happier


Revising an old “Ideal Partner” list sparked realizations of the difference between conscious love and the scripted love we learn from books and movies.

5 Reasons Your Relationships Keep Failing


Dr. Kristen Hick identifies five relationship blunders and how recognizing these mistakes may make the difference between long-lasting and short-lived duos.

5 Secrets to Awesome Post-Divorce Dating


You may not see it this way, but relationships are what happens between the dates.

Letting You Stay: The Complexities of “After” as a Queer Person with Disabilities

letting you in

When you’re used to your date jumping and running, what do you do when he stays?

10 Signs You’re Codependent… Even If You Think You’re Not

13331076374_6580127915_z (1)

Are you a codependent person?

The Silver Lining of Life Changes


After the end of a ten year relationship and a 3,000 mile move, I had to relearn how to enjoy moments alone and how to grow and continue moving forward in life.

Are You The Reacher Or The Settler?

Attractive young couple

Ever heard of the reacher/settler debate? Jordan Gray has something new to say about it.

Why You Should Fall In Love With Someone You Barely Even Know

in love

How awesome would it be if you could be in love all the time?

Outside of the Fantasy — Authenticity is Hot, Bad to the Bone is Not

don draper

Women will forgive you for not being as “bad boy sexy” as fantasy characters. They will reject you for not being yourself.

What Women Eventually Realize About Nice Guys

head on her shoulder

Nice guys don’t finish last, they actually finish best!

10 Impossible Expectations for the Dating Man

lovers in front of the moon

Do women really expect this from men or do they like seeing us squirm?

She’s The One: 8 Ways You Know You Don’t Have to Look Anymore


Dan Scotti on knowing you’ve found the right girl.

Nerd Alert: Ten Reasons Why Marrying a Geek Was My Best Decision Ever


Ladies, give the geeky guy a chance!

Romance Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Lost (Or, How to Be a Man With a Capital M)

romance isnt dead. just lost. photo by bailey weaver

Being romantic, writes Eddy Baller, is being attentive, considerate and passionate. None of which makes you less of a man.

Why Searching for a Soul Mate Will Leave You Empty-Handed


If you want to be part of a successful relationship, you must be willing and able to invest the effort required to make it work, regardless of any obstacle that stands in your way.

Men, Do The Math—Know Your Creep Number


To achieve success in online dating, you must be targeting women who are receptive to your advances. Make sure you’re not aiming too young when it comes to their age.