Call for Submissions: Long-Form Articles


Have a story that you can’t fit in just a few paragraphs? Good, we are looking to share your long-form writings.

Relationship Sabotage: How I Overcame It


Terry Gaspard on why you keep messing up your relationships, and how to avoid this.

5 Reasons ‘Single’ Means so Much More Than not Having a Significant Other


No matter what your situation or reasoning, a breakup is rarely a pretty thing. But the good news is, the single life experience can be.

10 Funny and Unexpected Facts About Sexual Attraction


You know how it feels, you know how it looks. But do you know the science behind desire?

Embracing Your Inner Bad Boy…Mindfully

tough guy

Have you ever wished you could attract women like bad boys do, but without actually having to become a bad boy?

How Learning Another Language Can Prevent Relationship Crash and Burn

love languages

Mind reader games set you both up to fail. Stop expecting anyone to read minds, and learn to really communicate.

Mis-Match in Online Dating: A 10-point Overview of


It’s all a crap shoot. Photos lie. Profiles tell half-truths. And some of us, interested in actually establishing a relationship, spend time in the backwaters of the game sorting through “more like her” …

Don’t We All Just Want the Same Thing?

Love understanding

A thought process behind our quest to understand dating, love, and relationships.

The “Are They Cheating?” Checklist


Charles J. Orlando asks people who’ve cheated what signs and behaviors should tip partners off.

8 Simple Ways Happy Couples Stay Happy


Tamara Star on making love last.

Yes, You Can Be a Gentleman and Have Great Sex – Part One

f like a gentleman

Dr. NerdLove explains how guys are taught that dating is antagonistic, marked by guys who want tons of sex and women who are supposed to be gatekeepers. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Don’t Be a Victim to Relationship Addictions

Relationship Addiction

Relationships provide us with a sense of comfort. We have to be careful that this comfort doesn’t become a crutch

Letting Go and Saying Hello – A Guide To Meeting ‘That’ Girl

Couple looking at each other

Jasmin Newman says that the value in knowing your self worth is immeasurable.

What Happens When a Guy in His Twenties Dates a Woman In Her Forties?


Christina Fitzgerald on why age difference can actually make a relationship work better.

8 Unconventional Ways a Man Can Build His Confidence and be More Datable

awesome man

Want to meet an awesome woman? Then you should become an awesome man — but how?

7 Stupid Reasons People Stay In Relationships When They’re Unhappy


We all know that one couple in the really bad relationship. So why don’t they just break up already? Lauren Martin answers.