Comment of the Day: ‘Some people hold grudges forever’

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12 Truths About Defensive Behavior

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7 Simple Ways to Make Her Happy

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Heart Song

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Modern Dating Apps- Creating one Massive ‘Sick Bay’ for the Walking Wounded

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When to Tell her You Have Kids

And once she knows, will she run? Will she go cold? Will it be weird?

I Screwed Up. Will She Ever Forget?

“It’s starting to feel like I have a rap sheet where my mistakes can be brought up any time I make a mistake.”

Comment of the Day: ‘Why do my friends have sex and I don’t?’

I don’t even know where to begin.

My Mother Won’t Butt Out of My Relationship!

“If my mom would butt out of my life, I just may be able to get my wife back!” Allana Pratt Intimacy Expert, acknowledges her concerns…

Cupid Is A Terrorist

According to Sean Kinney, the only good Cupid is a dead one. Here’s why.

The Single Woman with Guillain-Barré

I was hospitalized with a serious disease, but apparently, I had bigger problems.

Comment of the Day: ‘I don’t need your money. I need your presence’

Being emotionally available should not be about who earns more.

Are There Trustworthy Men?

We all know the stereotype of the lying, cheating man, but does his opposite exist?

The Addictive Pleasure of Being Right

The satisfaction of saying ‘I told you so’ can damage your relationship.

Disabled and Dating

Communication in any relationship is the key to finding love.

3 Traits Women Want In A Man (That You’re Already Capable Of or Doing)

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