Big 5 Relationship Questions to Answer Before You Start Dating Again


John McElhenney explains why he won’t settle for anything less than YES.

How to Gift Give Like Ted Mosby

Hands holding a gift

Sami Jankins shares how to find the perfect gift for someone you care about without spending a lot of time or money.

A Prescription Guaranteed to Improve Your Love Life

A Prescription Guaranteed by Dave Kanegis

“Doctor” Dave Kanegis offers an innovative Rx for finding your ideal mate.

3 Reasons Why Guys Should Still Be Paying For Dates

Young Couple In Restaurant

Jordan Gray believes in equality for men and women, but refuses to budge on the ‘who should pay on a first date’ issue.

The Dating Scene: Taking a Risk in Pursuit of a Healthy Relationship


With so many beautiful single women in the world, it should not be too hard to find a match. Joe Rutland really wants to believe that’s true.

Why Putting Off Being in a Relationship May Be the Most Grown-Up Thing You Can Do


Putting yourself first isn’t always selfish. Joshua Eferighe on love and being alone.

5 Ways Not to End a Relationship—Unless You’re “That Person”

5 Ways Not to by WaysAndHow

It’s not always easy to take the high road when you’re breaking up. Here are 5 low ways to end it, along with 5 healthy ways to achieve closure.

Anti-Hook-Up Culture: Why You Don’t Have to Have Sex to Be Sexy


Millennials are often considered to be a part of the hook up generation. Dana Seaman comments on why this is not the case.

Ready or Not-Ready for a Relationship: Keys to the Dating Game

dating dance

A first date is a sniff-test. John McElhenney shows us how to tell if the scent is off—or on.

11 Steps to Prepare Yourself for Really Awesome Love

awesome love

“If you desire that big love you know you deserve, and are feeling a little lost along the way, these steps will help.”

8 Ways Dating Changes As You Get Older

8 Ways Dating Changes by Valerie Everett

What we appreciate—and need—in a potential mate changes as we get older. James Michael Sama identifies eight ways our dating outlook shifts with—shall we call it, ahem, maturity instead of age?

Friend Zone is Not Just for Guys

stereotypes wonderferret:Flickr

For Gen X’ers, anyone who deviates from the gender norms of the past could be in line for the friend zone.

Another Guy Was A Swipe Away: Why I’m Now Into Actual Human Courtship


Sure, Tinder has its perks and is a great ego-booster. But Jenn Ficarra thinks it’s time to weigh in on a few of the cons.

Don’t Pick Her Up. Pique Her Interest.

pique interest

Is your conversation starter doing you a disservice?

Embracing Singledom: How Flying Solo Can Prepare You for Love

happy jump

The dreaded “single” status can make the best of us feel unworthy. But what if singledom had a deeper, more-amazing purpose?

The Secret To Being a Good Dater

good dater

It’s Friday night, and you’re meeting a semi-blind date for coffee at 6PM. Semi-blind, meaning you’ve seen their Tinder pictures and have been texting all week, but haven’t yet met them in person. What is your mindset as you head out to meet this new person?