Poem for Saturday


Justin Hamm offers his own simple philosophy of thanksgiving and celebration in a poem that will ring true for many.

Membership Rewards® to the Rescue


Jeff Bogle is always looking for ways to be a superhero dad. This time it was easy.

In Defense of the Older Parent

Dan Szczesny and Janelle on Mt Pemigewasset

Dan Szczesny, on being the man he could never have been twenty years ago.

I am a Blind Father. How Can I Show My Child That I Appreciate Her Artwork?


Samantha Rodman, advice columnist, answers what she believes is the best question she’s gotten yet.

Raising My Daughter To Be a Sports Fan

daughter swing GMP

Matthew Osgood shares his struggle with how to pass on his love of sports to his daughter, in a world where many athletes are not role models.

Growing Up With My Daughter


Jon Vaughn shares the story of the remarkable relationship between he and his daughter, despite growing up in different ways.

Baby, You Can/Can’t Drive My Car


Brian Rutter wants to know: Is the part of parenting where you have to teach your children how to drive really necessary?

You Got Me Workin’ Day and Night


Sun up to midnight, Brian Rutter is a work at home dad.

R. Kelly’s Son Jay Came Out As Trans, And His Mother Couldn’t Be More Supportive


The son of the infamous R&B singer has come out amidst intense media scrutiny. His mother has been by his side through it all.

Does Sincerity Matter?


I thought showing sincerity and kindness, along with openly expressing my love for my daughters after divorce would be enough. I was wrong.

‘Let it Go’ Dads are Still the Funniest

Let it go dads still are the funniest

We’ve seen more father-daughter ‘Frozen’ duets than can be counted, but this is one of the best yet. Promise!

Horsepower Is Not Just for Boys

Big Truck father and daughter

When you grow up with a father who loves horsepower, you learn to love horsepower too. Dixie Gillaspie, on cars, life, and a cool new contest from the Enterprise Exotic Collection. #sponsored

Nothing “Step” About This Father, He’s Every Bit a Dad

Lauren and Dave

What does it take to be an awesome “step?” -Lauren Conaway talks about why she wishes every stepkid had a step dad just like hers.

How a Floral Deliveryman, Exhausted From a Mother’s Day Marathon, Found The Last Stop Truly Saved As Best

Mother's Day, roses, flowers

The screen door lock snapped and the girl and her little brother—I figured he was three years old—came out. The girl was holding a large glass jar in her arms.

Mothers of Daughters Raise Good Men, Too

mother, daughter, raising good men, raising good women

Stephane Wahl doesn’t have a son, but she and her husband are taking responsibility for raising good men, too…

#DaddyDaughterMoments: The Sweetest Moments Between Fathers and Their Girls


Michael Kasdan and his daughter Lauren share their favorite Daddy Daughter Moments and invite you to do the same.