5 Heartbreaking Lessons Every Parent Must Learn

Parenting lessons

While parenting is great, Tor Constantino shares an underlying sadness that all loving parents ultimately face.

4 Hidden Nuggets for Success That Dads Can Uncover for Their Daughters


The advice from a father to a daughter can never be underestimated in its importance. Tim Jordan, M.D. shows us how to give messages of success.

Sext Education – How Can Dads Get in The Picture?

Havens - GMP

John C. Havens calls on Men and Dads to think deeply about the complex topic of ‘sexting’ and how to model behavior for our children to help them navigate this world of digital intimacy.

Fighting Evil to Equal Rights, Emma Watson is an Exceptional Muggle!

Emma Watson

From fighting Lord Voldemort and his evil followers to championing equal human rights for women, girls, men and boys, Emma Watson has joined a critical fight, and not a moment too soon.

Being the Progressive Dad or Protecting Daddy’s Little Girl


Shawn Henfling asks how does a dad navigate the dangerous waters of the Teen World without alienating his daughter but still keeping her safe?

Dad Catches Daughter Doing Selfies

Dad Catches Daughter by Rumble Viral

Sometimes, we catch our kids in moments of pure, unabashed freedom. This girl’s selfie session is one of those moments.

The Two-Hour Father

The Two-Hour Father

Following his divorce, Nick Murosky now lives two hours away from his children. He walks us through what goes through his head during the long drive back after their time together.

Memoirs of a Step-Dad


Shawn Henfling gives us a peak into the mind of a step-father.

10 Things No One Ever Told Me About Having a Daughter

father 588x350

Bret Spears was excited to be a dad and bewildered by everything this meant to him.

4 Words All Dads of Daughters Need to Hear

4 Words All Dads of Daughters Need to Hear

Jeff Bogle has a message for every dad of a newborn daughter, a crucial piece of advice that can be summed up in four simple words…

18 Ways A Girl’s Father Is Always There For Her


This is why your father will always be your number one supporter and best friend.

The One Question Quiz to Tell If You’re a Terrible Husband

The One Question Quiz to Tell If You’re a Terrible Husband

After imagining what kind of man his daughter would marry one day, Nick Pavlidis came up with this simple test to determine if he was, in fact, a terrible husband. (He failed.)

Evidence 101: Yes, I Really Did Love Your Dad!


Recovering from a divorce is one thing. Admitting you loved him after the years of hurt is another.

The Edge on Parenting: The Daughter Teaches the Father

queen of the world

According to my family’s mythology surrounding parenting, sons teach mothers and daughters teach fathers. So it follows that a father who has a lot to learn will be blessed with more daughters.

You’re in Charge of Your Body. I Still Get to Make Rules.

You're in Charge of Your Body. I Still Get to Make Rules.

John Kinnear loves the feminist dad shirt meme that’s been making the rounds, but wants his daughter to know that saying “she makes the rules” isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Father’s Day Tips for the Young and the Restless

jon vaughn and daughter one

Jon Vaughn has been a single dad for 12 years. He’d like to encourage young with some advice he’s learned along the way.