Frozen vs Little Mermaid: Two Anthems, Two Generations. I Want vs I Am

Little Mermaid and Frozen

David Perry compares two different Disney anthems and explores how they might effect his daughter and other girls of the times.

Love Watching This: The Pure Joy of a Girl and Her Awesome Dad (Video)


You have to see this girl’s smile, but it’s the sound of her laughter that will melt your heart.

Jumping in Puddles is a Part of Fatherhood

5614315385_e306a4c978_z (1)

Having decided to be more relaxed about my girls getting wet and dirty, I’m going to try and join in with them sometimes. So, bring on the muddy puddles!

Why Buy the Cow, When You Can Get The Milk for Free?

buy the cow photo

We’ve all heard it before. Lauren Poole argues that it’s time to bottle this one up.

Thinking Beyond the Fear: Dealing with a Sexually Active Daughter

always kiss-

After a recent story of the shooting death of a boy in Texas, Orin Hahn discusses how important communication between a father and a daughter is.

A Dad’s Guide: How To Keep Your Teenaged Daughter Coming To You For Advice

dad teen photo by emeryjl

The teenage years don’t need to be a time of isolation and turmoil. It just takes adjusting to a different needs.

Free Throws Are Like Hugs (Just Not for This Daughter)

tide pool- jasoneppink-flickr

Jonathan Shipley and his father connected through their love of sports, but his daughter has very different interests.

LEGO Friends and Girls on the Run Get the Conversation Started

lego, friends,

LEGO Friends is reaching out to young girls again, and this time they want to talk about it.

“Empower kids to figure things out for themselves”

Chalkboard - Problem to Solution

This comment on the post The Bubble List: 31 Things My Sons Should Be Able to Do Before They Move Out

100 Words on Love: Miss You, Dad


I’m still holding out my heart to you, and you are so far away you can’t even see it.

Why The World Would Be Better If We All Followed My Daughter’s 10 Commandments of Play

Why I Love My Daughter’s Ten Commandments of Play

Tom Burns marvels at the profound truths hiding behind a kid-authored list of playground “rules”

A Father’s Love & His Inspirational Napkins

1-napkin notes

Diagnosed with cancer, W. Garth Callaghan is leaving a legacy of inspiration and love to his daughter.

My Daughter’s Room is Grey for a Reason

grey room-seth b

Seth Burleigh and his wife chose their nursery paint color with calculated deliberation.

How My Step Daughters Toppled My Great Big Daddy Ego


Yeah, Doug Zeigler kisses his sons. But it has been a more complicated road to affection with his step daughters.

I Have a Dream: That People Will View a Picture Like This and Not Think It’s a Big Deal

DDWs gallery

The only thing Doyin Richards wanted to do was get his daughter ready for school. He had no idea the viral outrage that would cause.

My Golden Hour


For Seth Burleigh the “golden hour” doesn’t begin until he is home with his new daughter.