Lessons for My Daughters About Dating


The lessons we teach our daughters about dating will define their success.

The Drought Left Behind by My Father’s Death


Perhaps what I gained most from my father’s death was experiencing his humanity in real time. Not just as my dad. But as a man.

Yes, Dad’s a Man – But We CAN Talk About That

dad daughter

After sensing hesitation on talking about ‘girl’ things, Brian Gawlak reassures his daughter no subject is off limits.

5 Rules For Talking With Your ‘Tweenage’ Daughter


Aaron Saufley explores the intricacies and true meanings of conversations with his ‘tweenage’ daughter.

How My Daughter Makes Me a Better Man

How College Daughter Makes Better Man by Lance Burson

Lance Burson saw he was the one learning when taking his daughter to college for her sophomore year

You Don’t Need a Good Dad to Find a Good Man

holding hands

Having a good father isn’t a requirement for finding a good man or husband or partner or long-lasting significant other. In fact, having a hateful, hurtful and otherwise harmful father can help ensure that you won’t end up with a man who treats you the same.

What to Do When Your Daughter Wants to Do Porn

What to Do by Emilian Robert Vicol

A dad’s 19-year-old daughter wants to be a porn star. Does he honor her choice or intervene?

How My Daddy Issues Saved My Life

How My Daddy by Jim Pennucci

Conventional wisdom says men should avoid women with ‘daddy issues.’ Liz Furl says hers have made her stronger, wiser, and a better relationship partner.

Peeling Back the Labels: My Newfound View of Men


What makes a good man? Yasmina Blackburn reflects on how perspectives can shape the views about men.

Fathers, Their Daughters and the Super Heroes, That Was the Dad Week We Had


Lead Dads Editor Rob Watson recaps the conversation we had here at the Good Men Project this week. Daughters bonding with dads in garages, and elsewhere. Then there were the super heroes. Catch up on anything you missed.

To My Daughters: You Are More Powerful Than You Ever Imagined


Patrick Sallee wants his daughters use the power of their words wisely.

The Truth About Black Fathers: Celebrating the Man Who Raised Me

the-truth-about-Black-fathers horizontal

Denene Miller explodes the myth that Black fathers leave. So many more square their shoulders, extend their arms and open their hearts.

My Dad and I Aren’t Beautiful

Father & Daughter

Graduate student Ariel Gordon reflects on the special relationship she has with her father.

Sailing Lessons


There is much to be heard in the silence between a father and his daughter.

4 Ways My Daughters Make Me a Better Father

Picture 1000

Our kids can teach us a lot about parenting … as long as we pay attention.

The Importance of Fathers

The Importance of Fathers by greg

Karen Jones shares two personal stories on the presence and absence of fathers in their children’s lives.