Evidence 101: Yes, I Really Did Love Your Dad!


Recovering from a divorce is one thing. Admitting you loved him after the years of hurt is another.

The Edge on Parenting: The Daughter Teaches the Father

queen of the world

According to my family’s mythology surrounding parenting, sons teach mothers and daughters teach fathers. So it follows that a father who has a lot to learn will be blessed with more daughters.

You’re in Charge of Your Body. I Still Get to Make Rules.

You're in Charge of Your Body. I Still Get to Make Rules.

John Kinnear loves the feminist dad shirt meme that’s been making the rounds, but wants his daughter to know that saying “she makes the rules” isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Father’s Day Tips for the Young and the Restless

jon vaughn and daughter one

Jon Vaughn has been a single dad for 12 years. He’d like to encourage young with some advice he’s learned along the way.

Father-Daughter Duo Sing ‘Love is an Open Door’—and Prove It Is In the Process

love is an open door

Nothing unites a father and a daughter more than a Frozen sing-along.

Thinking Beyond the Fear: Dealing with a Sexually Active Daughter

always kiss- Www.CourtneyCarmody.com-flickr

After a recent story of the shooting death of a boy in Texas, Orin Hahn discusses how important communication between a father and a daughter is.

Some Preliminary Thoughts on My Daughters and Race: You Are Not “Other”

Some Preliminary Thoughts on My Daughters and Race: You Are Not “Other”

Mike Heenan reflects on his mixed-race heritage and wonders how his daughters’ ethnicity will affect their futures.

Princesses, Fairies & Toys (Daddy Daughter Song)

daddy rap

More awesome things dads do.

The Fortune Cookie as Parent


In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” how do we give our children advice that is both enough and not so much that it stifles them. Look to the cookie?

19 Year Old Girl Gets to Hug Her Dad for the First Time


Torri Biddle lived her entire life without most of her right arm until the guys from The Buried Life decided to change her world.

Frozen vs Little Mermaid: Two Anthems, Two Generations. I Want vs I Am

Little Mermaid and Frozen

David Perry compares two different Disney anthems and explores how they might effect his daughter and other girls of the times.

Love Watching This: The Pure Joy of a Girl and Her Awesome Dad (Video)


You have to see this girl’s smile, but it’s the sound of her laughter that will melt your heart.

Jumping in Puddles is a Part of Fatherhood

5614315385_e306a4c978_z (1)

Having decided to be more relaxed about my girls getting wet and dirty, I’m going to try and join in with them sometimes. So, bring on the muddy puddles!

Why Buy the Cow, When You Can Get The Milk for Free?

buy the cow photo

We’ve all heard it before. Lauren Poole argues that it’s time to bottle this one up.

A Dad’s Guide: How To Keep Your Teenaged Daughter Coming To You For Advice

dad teen photo by emeryjl

The teenage years don’t need to be a time of isolation and turmoil. It just takes adjusting to a different needs.

Free Throws Are Like Hugs (Just Not for This Daughter)

tide pool- jasoneppink-flickr

Jonathan Shipley and his father connected through their love of sports, but his daughter has very different interests.