Why My Family Smells Like Love


Friends say David Karpel’s family smells. He claims that’s just the musky scent of book love.

The Trials of Good Parenting: A Demonstration


How far can we go when confronting other adults in regards to our children? Louis CK, with his kids in a grocery store, wins.

Fighting Spirit: When Tables Turn On the Bully


This is the world we’re giving you, kids. A world in which one or more people will video what’s happening instead of helping.

What is the Most Important Lesson You Can Learn About the Holocaust?

march-ap-Bela Szandelszky

For David Karpel the answer is, “Never Forget.”

Hitting My Son


David Karpel on training his son in self-defense and character development.

Nick Newell and The Anatomy of Perfection


Nick Newell was born with a congenital amputation, and he’s taking the MMA world by storm.

100 Words on Love: 23 Years

heart hands

If I had a lifetime to spare, I’d spend it nestled in the hollow of your neck.

Symptoms of an Epidemic: Knockout


David Karpel, a father and self-defense instructor, believes the “Knockout Game” is yet another example of how we are failing our boys.

Masculinity Haiku: In the Fight, Pressure


David Karpel’s haiku shows us that “pure” is not synonymous with flawless.

Circumcised at 99


David Karpel, an Orthodox Chassidic Jew, on what circumcision means in his religion and family.

Mashpiah: Assume for Yourself a Master


On the intersection of Orthodox Judaism and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Of Pushups and Parenting


David Karpel shares a story of how a typical Tuesday turned profound.

One Arm, 8-0 Record: Talking MMA With Nick Newell

Newell in cage

David Karpel talks with the MMA phenomenon about disability, a fighting mindset, and the importance of focus

Running: A Poem


David Karpel tells an American story of persecution and flight: a family that can’t stop running.