The Monster Inside Me

Depression has a bottomless appetite for destruction, and it almost destroyed David Perez.

The Best of GMP’s Men’s Stories

Some of our favorite stories and confessions by men, highlighting The Good Men Project’s original mission of creating a space for men to tell their stories and support one another.

Start Snitching

David Perez looks into the culture of silence and what it did to Penn State.

“As a Man, What Are You Ashamed of Most?”

We asked our community. This is how they replied.

The Balls Don’t Make the Man

I read ‘The End of Men,’ re-read it, watched the debates, and now watch as it turns into a book. It provoked reflection on what makes me a man, and inevitably, I had to break it down to fundamentals.

Great Expectations on the Jersey Shore

A late night talk in Atlantic City showed David Perez that he was going to college for way more than a degree.