Peter Rollins on God, Gin and Zombies

A lively chat about the Death Drive, why billionaires aren’t actually selfish and how we’ve made an idol out of the beliefs we often claim as central to our Christian faith.

Petraeus, MLK and JFK: Why I Don’t Demand Fidelity From My Political Leaders

Emily Heist Moss asks a lot of her leaders, but one thing she doesn’t demand is fidelity.

The Two Men We’re Overlooking in the David Petraeus Scandal

Gordon Chaffin asserts that just because the husbands of the two women involved in the Petraeus sex scandals aren’t making a show of grief, that doesn’t mean they’re not upset.

Why Powerful Men Get In Trouble (and Why We Care)

Why would men at the top levels of the CIA and the US military seem to lack the good sense at least to show greater discretion when interacting with women other than their wives? And why does it matter to us so much?

Pat Robertson Wouldn’t Know a Good Man If He Prayed To One

According to Pat Robertson, you can’t blame Gen. Petraeus for cheating, because he’s a man. Seriously?

David Petraeus and Public Morality

If secrets are a danger, isn’t openness the best defense? Or does the public lust for sex scandals trump everything?

Can We Please Kill the Headline “He Cheated”?

Tom Matlack believes the ‘cheater news cycle’ cheats us out of more important discussions.

UPDATE: Is It Right For CIA Director David Petraeus to Resign Because of Affair?

Former head of allied forces resigns as director of CIA because of an extramarital affair. Do you think this is a reasonable outcome for someone who had an affair?