The Friday Sports Dump – Welcome to 2015

It’s 2015, and anything can happen. Will Back to the Future II prove to be an omen of good fortune for the Cubs? Wai Sallas says it’s time to forget the past and look to the future in the Friday Sports Dump.

Are the San Antonio Spurs Boring?

Liam Day asks whether athletes have an obligation to entertain.

Donald Sterling’s Overt Racism

As the NBA tries to come up with an appropriate response to Donald Sterling’s racist comments, Liam Day points out that, though it’s not always front and center like what the Clippers’ owner said, race and racism are unfortunately part of basketball’s narrative.

Worst Moment in Sports, 2013

Unfortunately, sports’ worst in 2013 included terrorism, rape, and murder. Liam Day runs down the ugly list.

Teamless in Seattle

David Stern once again gives the Emerald City the finger.

Jerry Buss Just Wanted to Win

Jerry Buss died at the age of 80. Liam Day says that his legacy is simple. It’s about winning.

What David Stern Hath Wrought

Of course a fan’s suing the San Antonio Spurs. Liam Day argues it’s only natural after the NBA Commissioner fined the team $250,000 for the very same ridiculous reason.

The Worst Moments in Sports: 2012

We say goodbye to 2012 by recapping the year’s worst moments in sports.

Kobe Claus is Coming to Town

Yeah, maybe Sandy Koufax didn’t pitch on Yom Kippur, but everyone works holidays now. Why shouldn’t the NBA?

Why You Are Wrong to Hate Lebron

Critics say he’s not tough enough. Clevelanders hate him because he left. They’re wrong.

21 Gun Salute for the AND1 Mixtape Tour

A journey back into Streetball’s most prominent vessel.

No Smoke or Fire

We’re conditioned to view the NBA in terms of the players, but we need to look at the labor dispute from a much wider perspective.

T2TB Week: Lee’s Layup

Why didn’t Courtney Lee’s layup fall in Game Two of the 2009 Finals?

Michael Ray Richardson Talks to Good Sports

We caught up with the former All-Star to talk about Larry Bird, his struggles, and the corruption that is the Premier Basketball League.

Putting Kobe’s Slur in Context

Based on public fines in the NBA over the last few seasons, how bad was Kobe Bryant’s homophobic slur?

Dana White Kicks Ass and Saves Lives

UFC President Dana White curses at press conferences, crushes his competition, and ended up saving a girl’s life.