With the Gun to My Head, The Ex Pretends to Play Fair

Make no mistake, the custodial parents are the clients, the non-custodial parents are the dead beat dads. You wouldn’t be calling the AG’s office if there wasn’t a problem.

“If we drive a father into the ground, he CAN’T keep his commitments?”

Deadbeat Dad Doesn’t Strike Back

“Men are going to have to break through the old gender roles and do more child care and people overall are going to have to learn to deal with it.”

This comment by Danny on the post The Incredibly Low Bar: Let’s Change the Stereotypes about Dad’s

The Empty Space: Absentee Parenting

It’s bad enough that you weren’t prepared to be a father, but failing to be there for your kids and not holding yourself accountable for who they become is even worse.

How I Became a Deadbeat Dad

When W.F. Price had to chose between paying child support he couldn’t afford or spending six months away from his kids, there was only one real option.