What Must Change is the US Prison System?

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Spoon Jackson gives the insider opinion on the main areas for reform in the US prison system.

Peaceful Citizen Activists Blocking Hate is a Beautiful Thing!

LGBT equality

The power of one, a few and many to do the right thing and fight for equality, fairness and a just society is an awesome force for change and for good

China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the US

China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the U.S.A. by wootom

These five countries all have something in common. They are the top five countries for prisoners put to death.

Death Penalty Report Cites Value of Taping Interrogations


A report advocating death penalty reforms finds that false confessions in capital cases can be limited by recording the questioning of suspects.

How Poorly Regulated Drugs Could be Leading to Cruel and Unusual Executions


During recent executions, inmates were observed to gasp, convulse, and turn purple over periods much longer than the typical lethal injection. All of these executions used drugs made by pharmacies not regulated by the FDA.

Washington Governor Suspends Death Penalty, Citing ‘Too Many Flaws In The System’


Governor Jay Inslee said, “In death penalty cases, I’m not convinced equal justice is being served.”

Final Words Sutured Into Dead Men’s Mugshots


Check out the stunning visual story of death row prisoners’ last words.

US Executions Drop in 2013 as International Companies Withhold Lethal Drugs


According to a new report the number if inmates executed in the US dropped 10% this year.

Tennessee Soon Plans to Execute More People Than it Has in the Last 53 Years Put Together


Tennessee Attorney General’s office asked the state supreme court to set execution dates for 10 death row inmates, while an eleventh is already scheduled for April 22.

A Living Death Sentence: Reflections on Life Imprisonment


Sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, Spoon Jackson wonders if a changed man will ever be given a second chance.

Supreme Court to Hear Huge Death Penalty Case


A case the Supreme Court agreed to hear Monday morning could fix the legal loophole used by conservative states to unconstitutionally execute mentally handicapped criminals.

Let’s Change How Police Question Young Suspects


Juveniles are particularly vulnerable to the coercive (and often unlawful) techniques of law enforcement officials.

Some Graphic Proof That President Obama is Right About Being Black In America


There’s no need to examine, anecdote by anecdote, whether Obama is right about racial profiling in America. It doesn’t take a single case to make the President’s point; there is a lot of data already on the books to substantiate his claims.

Georgia Inmate, Warren Lee Hill, Wins Another Appeal To Delay Execution

Warren Hill Georgia inmate

In spite of the now-multiple reasons not to execute Hill, Georgia has remained committed to moving forward with the penalty, and the judge will take up these latest arguments in the coming weeks.

Why Georgia Gets to Ignore the Constitutional Ban on Executing the ‘Mentally Retarded’

Warren Hill Georgia inmate

Seven mental health professionals have evaluated Georgia inmate Warren Lee Hill, and all seven have determined that Hill is intellectually disabled.

Life Without Parole – Limbo

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Spoon Jackson contemplates his life without parole