Some Find Redemption On Death Row, But Few Find Mercy

As the growing amount of time between sentencing and execution has made redemption claims more plausible, mercy has ironically become more difficult to find.

China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the US

These five countries all have something in common. They are the top five countries for prisoners put to death.

The Ray Jasper Conundrum: A Death Row Inmate Who Is both 100% Right and 100% Wrong

Lincoln Anthony Blades explains how even a man who did a horrible thing can be right about the horrors of our prison-industrial system.

Final Words Sutured Into Dead Men’s Mugshots

Check out the stunning visual story of death row prisoners’ last words.

Texas Court Rejects Appeal of Death Row Inmate After Testimony That Blacks are More Dangerous

A Texas appeals court declined to allow a new sentencing hearing Wednesday for an African American death row inmate whose initial hearing featured testimony by a psychologist that blacks are more likely to commit crimes.

Texas Fights To Execute Man on Death Row Due To Discredited Doctor’s Testimony

Dr. George Denkowski was found to have relied on scientifically unproven methods to deem inmates fit for execution, sometimes relying on offensive stereotypes about the poor.

US Supreme Court Orders Review of 6 Texas Death Row Cases

Ineffective legal representation may be partially responsible for at least 6 men sitting on death row in Texas.

David R. Dow: Lessons From Death Row Inmates (TEDTalk VIDEO)

David R. Dow is an attorney in Texas who has defended over 100 death row inmates over the last 20 years.

Mississippi Supreme Court Denies Death Row Inmate DNA Testing of Evidence

According to Andrew Cohen of the Atlantic, “the specters of racial bias, a faulty confession and untested scientific evidence have haunted this case.”

Maryland Repeals Death Penalty

After a 5 year fight, Maryland lawmakers vote to abolish the death penalty.

Man Released From Death Row After DNA Proves Innocence

300 men have been exonerated, but how many more have been wrongly convicted?

America’s Death Penalty: A Story of Innocence & Ignorance

The point to this thing, if there is one, is dulled and should be discarded

The Last Meals Project

Jonathon Kambouris visually documents the face and last meal of convicted killers in order to question how society is really served by the death penalty.

Respect: Nate Dogg [August 19, 1969-March 15, 2011]

The criminal minded crooner passed away one year ago, and we remember his musical impact.

Eyewitness to an Execution

Henley’s sister turns around and sweeps us with her eyes. “Not a tear in the bunch,” she sneers. “Y’all’s a bunch of dogs.”

The 10 at 10: January 3

Oh, how time flies. Men age, fish die, and the Star News rights a wrong 50 years too late: the 10 at 10.