How to Build a Death Star According to a NASA Engineer

NASA’s Brian Muirhead explains how to build a Death Star and tells us what it would really be like to fly past a flurry of asteroids.

Emperor Palpatine Was An Idiot

Alex Yarde wonders, what if the Galactic Empire didn’t invest the time and resources to build those Death Stars?

You’ll Need 100K Signatures to Get Your AT-AT Petition Into the White House

More bad news from the White House: You will now need 100,000 signatures to have your We The People campaign considered.

Bad News: The White House Will Not Be Building a Death Star

First, the USA doesn’t want to blow up planets. Second, $850 quadrillion is a bit pricey. Also – a sexy photo of Chewbacca.

Luke and Leia Had Sex

And I can prove it.