The Difficulty and the Gift I Carry Toward Death

I don’t always like the way you do things or how you treat me, and I want us to talk with candor about our feelings.

Fathers, Brothers, Sons: Every Year on Father’s Day

Ed Madden reflects on the final moments he had with his father, and how they’ve rippled throughout his life as a man.

Revisiting My Dad’s Death While Telling Others About his Life

My Dad passed a short 11 months after my mother. This is the tribute I shared at his funeral. Reading it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

The Writer Meets His Father

Will people look for me in the rafters too?

Are Pop Stars Destined to Die Young?

Does a quest for fame lead to an early demise?

A Conversation With Grief

John Pavlovitz comes to terms with an old friend.

4 Thoughts on Growing Up Without a Dad

His story does not have to be your story.

5 Lessons She Learned When She Lost a Good Man

In the three weeks between his cancer diagnosis and his quiet passing, Alison Tedford had the opportunity to reflect on her Papa, his character, and the many things that he taught her.

The Things I Never Got to Share With My Dad

He was rarely ever there, and then he was gone forever.

Boys, Men, and Why I’ll Never Own a Gun

An honest look at depression, guns and the what scares me the most.

Letter to a Dead Boy

I wonder where you’ve gone and when I do I wonder how those you loved and who loved you are wondering their own thoughts, their own pain.

What Does Memorial Day Make You Think Of?

A series of short personal reflections on the multiple meanings of Memorial Day.

My Dad Saved Him From Drowning, 31 Years Later He Saved Me

Two fathers, two sons, their lives curiously interwoven in life, death, and modern miracles.

Florence’s Wake


The Leopard

Joy Ladin employs a stark, visceral metaphor in this account of an unforgettable childhood lesson.

The Crown Ain’t Worth Much

You get high enough they’re gonna lay you on the asphalt til your blood runs back to where your Momma stays.