The Drought Left Behind by My Father’s Death


Perhaps what I gained most from my father’s death was experiencing his humanity in real time. Not just as my dad. But as a man.

How to Be The Best Dad In The World to Your Daughters


One month ago, my dad left our physical world to be with us from the other side. He was a good man and the best dad I could have hoped for.

4 Ways to Be Happy Again After Losing a Loved One

man relaxing

Going through the death of someone you love is hard, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your happiness.

5 Ways Guys Over 50 Can Be More Interesting to Women


By following these guidelines, you will easily make yourself more interesting to women.

‘My Friend Just Died. I Don’t Know What to Do’

My friend died

One man on Reddit responded with a life lesson we all need to hear.

Why the British Air Show Disaster Tells Us it’s Time to Think Differently About War

British Air Show

In the wake of a crash at a British Air Show, Glen Poole wonders about our human propensity to go to war, and the ways in which men have been creating evermore inventive ways both to kill people and save people’s lives.

The Growth of Grief

DSC_3939 copy

Andrew Eldredge explores the time it takes to heal and move on.

Suicide and Heath Ledger: Too Young To Die

Screen shot 2015-08-15 at 3.44.23 PM

Check out the trailer of the documentary detailing Heath Ledger’s early end, and comment on depression and suicide in males.

I am a Soldier in this Cold World


Alberto Hernandez and other young men in Mid City, LA can’t escape the reality of trauma and race.

Why The Death Penalty Is Losing Favour In Sub-Saharan Africa


Former Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi waves at his trial with other Muslim Brotherhood members in Cairo, in May. He was subsequently sentenced to death. Egypt is among a handful of African countries that regularly execute.

Avoiding “the Talk?” How to Have Hard Conversations with Your Aging Parents

man talking with elderly mother

We have a lot of difficult conversations with our parents. Perhaps this is the hardest, and most important.

The Death of Nostalgia

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Our memories are lies we tell ourselves in order to go on living.

My Friend Died And We Are Loved

colorful sky and sun background by Chris Sherrod

I’m getting a pedicure and listening to a business podcast when my girlfriend texts me that our good friend Marla died.

5 Ways People Die Before They’re Actually Dead


Shola Richards understands how people can die before they’re actually dead, and he wants to ensure it doesn’t happen to his two young daughters.

The Day My Daughters Found Out That I Cry

Man holds his head down in sadness

When confronted with the reality that his dog was dying only weeks after the loss of his brother-in-law, Brian Gawlak was shocked to learn his three daughters had never seen him cry.

How I Learned the 4 Keys of Friendship

How I Learned by Ken Banks

Patrick Sallee learned how to be a great friend from a friend he’s sadly about to lose.