Assisted Dying Bill is a Chance to Focus Our Debate on Quality not Quantity of Life


There’s still much more work to be done around palliative care. We need to do more to ease the pain and suffering of terminally ill patients and allow people to die comfortably, with dignity, and at peace.

5 Words on Love That Will Make or Break Your Relationship

4 words on love by thomas fiffer

An ordinary object leads Thomas Fiffer to an extraordinary epiphany.

Soul Upon Water


The heart of a man is laid out in Carlton Fisher’s visionary poem of death, dreams, and regret. A must-read for anyone who ever ponders missed opportunities.

My Son Died

photo by zonie

Bob Marrow could not talk about his son’s death for 25 years.

Fatherhood—Does It Matter? Yes, Now More Than Ever!

Dad and Me In Boat

Graham Phoenix posed in a boat with his father, he now wonders whether fatherhood matters. Reading ‘Why Fatherhood Matters’ in Esquire he understands why it does.

Casey Kasem: A Farewell Tribute

casey-kasem-ap photo

Casey, you’ve finally reached your stars.

‘Torn To Pieces’ A Tribute To A Lost Father

pop evil

Brandy Pettigrew interviews Pop Evil’s Leigh Kakaty about the band’s moving hit single.

Is Death The Greatest Loss?


David Pittman shares seven crucial things to consider when dealing with the loss of a life.

I’m Gretchen


Robert Marrow tries to understand why his wife left him to marry someone else by recreating the story in her words.

Clive James on Death, Dragons and Writing in the Home Stretch

clive james

How does coming face to face with the end change a writer’s work?

The First Time I Found Out My Husband Had Died

The First Time I Found Out My Husband Had Died

Mary Windecker’s husband died during a diving trip in 1994, devastating her family. But a surprising discovery seventeen years later forced her to revisit her pain and loss in ways she hadn’t expected.

Assisted Dying Bill Gives the Terminally Ill More Control

near the end-Lee Haywood-flickr

New legislation would not devalue life but would give terminally ill the right to die with dignity.

A Day w/o Gun Sanity = A Day with Senseless Death & Heartbreak

Not one more death

Sending our kids to elementary school or college, attending a political rally or going to the movies, hanging out at the corner store or walking home with a snack, should not be a death sentence.

We’re All Getting Older: Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?

old hands photo by asbruff

Jess Kornbluth reviews cartoonist Roz Chast’s memoir, and discusses the hard stuff about getting older.

A Measure of Understanding: Moving Beyond Grief

A Measure of Understanding

Written for a friend the day after her father died, these words evoke inexpressible feelings and open a pathway from darkness to light.



Todd Davis offers a meditation on one man’s death and the stories we tell to gloss over ugly truths.