Phoenix Rising

Let go and fly.

My Dad is Dying. How Do I Find the Words?

Torsten Klaus asks “How the fuck do I say good bye to my dying Dad? We haven’t spoken much in the last years.” Here is how.

The Power of Love: On Friendship, Acceptance and Death

This testimonial of love and acceptance between two friends is sweeping social media, yet few have heard it–until now.

The Opposite of Anguish

Everything is transient, even death. It never happens like this, yet it always does.

Dear Dad: You Were in Life and Death, My Guiding Map

For the love of all things good, you helped me to make a difference.

Where in the Facebook is My Friend?

One man searches desperately for a reconnection with his childhood friend.

Holly Gleason On Prince: “Like The Snake In The Garden, He Gave An Apple That Tasted Like Music…And Sex…And Love”

Jesse Kornbluth on Holly Gleason’s review of the late rock legend, Prince.

Prince’s Legacy Reminds Dads That It’s Okay To Be “Weird”

James Woodruff has been struggling to write about a dad who was embarrassed by his young son. The death of Prince today has put the situation in perspective. Here is how.

The Symmetry of Touching Hands: A Man’s Reflection on Birth and Death

Hands are there to welcome us into the world, and to signal our exit.

I Resented My Husband’s Mother for Spoiling My Children

I learned too late what her love really meant.

She Said She Had Heard About Those Shoes

Remembering the soldiers who returned too soon.

The Enormity of My Loss: A Letter to My Dead Father

A son grapples with his father’s death.

A Salute to My Dad, An American Hero

A grateful daughter reconciles with her memories of her dad’s military career.

Richard Yates: A Love Letter

Passionate about literature, Thomas Stewart pens his thoughts to his favorite writer.

Call for Submissions: Are You a Male Caregiver?

Traditionally thought of as a role women naturally step into, more men are caring for loved ones when they are sick.

How Angelina Jolie Caused an Increase in Breast Cancer Surgeries for Men

The number of men having preventive mastectomies has skyrocketed, too.