When You Love Someone Who Wants to Die – A Few Words of Advice

Confronted with a loved one’s attempted suicide it’s easy to feel helpless. Don’t.

‘Suicide Hits You in the Guts Like No Other’

Marshall Dunn, author, speaker, suicide-loss mentor and coach, about his experience with suicide after his older brother took his own life.

I Think About Suicide Every Day

Kristin Diversi recognizes her sadness and the thoughts that crowd her mind. Still, she chooses to play, not to fold.

Death Is The Greatest Teacher In Life

Shawn Henfling believes that experience is lifes great educator.

Call for Submissions – National Suicide Prevention Week

Contributions requested. We want to hear from anyone whose life has been affected by suicide. We know. That’s a lot of you.

Comment of the Day: “If You Don’t Work on Grief, Grief Will Work on You.”

This comment of the day was by Scott Brezenski on the post “Why We Need to Give Men Permission to Grieve.”

A Dying Man’s Question: How About That John Brodie?

Charged with bringing spiritual peace to a dying man, Larry Patten finds himself in a conversation about football.

Getting Married 5 Days After My Dad Died

Kate Baldus reflects on why she went ahead with the wedding five days after her father passed away. It was what he wanted.

The Drought Left Behind by My Father’s Death

Perhaps what I gained most from my father’s death was experiencing his humanity in real time. Not just as my dad. But as a man.

How to Be The Best Dad In The World to Your Daughters

One month ago, my dad left our physical world to be with us from the other side. He was a good man and the best dad I could have hoped for.

4 Ways to Be Happy Again After Losing a Loved One

Going through the death of someone you love is hard, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your happiness.

5 Ways Guys Over 50 Can Be More Interesting to Women

By following these guidelines, you will easily make yourself more interesting to women.

‘My Friend Just Died. I Don’t Know What to Do’

One man on Reddit responded with a life lesson we all need to hear.

Why the British Air Show Disaster Tells Us it’s Time to Think Differently About War

In the wake of a crash at a British Air Show, Glen Poole wonders about our human propensity to go to war, and the ways in which men have been creating evermore inventive ways both to kill people and save people’s lives.

The Growth of Grief

Andrew Eldredge explores the time it takes to heal and move on.

Suicide and Heath Ledger: Too Young To Die

Check out the trailer of the documentary detailing Heath Ledger’s early end, and comment on depression and suicide in males.