Goodnight Moon


Equal parts lullaby and elegy, James Arthur’s poem is for children present and past.

Lessons from a 94 Year Old Lover

Trude Bock

“Connect with others first, then worry about the details.”

What If You Had No Tomorrow?

What If You Had by Stephan Ridgway

Ty Phillips confronts the ultimate question.

Money And Relationship: Navigating Dangerous Waters

Balancing the budget

When you have money problems, you are going to have relationship problems – count on it.

A Cool Mountain Mourning


Maybe I gasped, maybe I cursed. I don’t remember. But I do remember looking at my infant son’s face as I felt life and death slam together in a disorienting collision.

L’Chaim: The 18th Anniversary of the Day I Was Nearly Murdered


Exactly 18 years ago on this day, I nearly died. A somewhat morbid reflection on everything that has happened since.

The House After She’s Gone


Lynn Marie Houston brings us one man’s moment of vulnerability and one woman’s responding compassion.

‘Blue Ruin’ Makes a Comeback in Rental


James Holcomb reviews a missed gem in cinema.

Yes, Men Grieve. Please Let Us.


Two years after my son died, I am still broken into little pieces. And no, I am not “over” it.

The Suicide Note I Never Left

suicide note

Have you ever had suicidal thoughts? Would your note have been different?

Upon Hearing that My Grandfather Would Like to See More Tears


Brian Baumgart goes to a darkly reflective and emotionally honest place in this poem.

The Power Of Pain: A Dark Secret To Everlasting Love

In a deep well looking

Steven Lake shows us the surprising power of pain to strengthen your relationship – if you survive it.

Finding Home: Forced Migration in America and Beyond


Thousands around the world are searching for refuge in light of being forced out of their homes by war, money and Mother Nature.

Only the Bad Die Young


A romantic longing for an enchanted world — where bad things only happen to bad people — has been a hallmark of health-conscious America for over a century.

We Both Had Cancer. He Died. I Lived.


A father-son story.

The Buddhist Bucket List

Buddhist Bucket List by Dieter Weinelt

Ty Phillips has 4 simple things he’d like to do before he leaves the earth. All are free and accessible to everyone.