Dying Well

A man faces death with courage, love, and self-assurance in this poem from Heid E. Erdrich.

Engraved in My Memory

A heart touching reflection by Grecia Jara on losing a parent.

Doing Work That Matters: A Tribute to Scott Dinsmore

“I believe the world would be an altogether different place if we all did work that actually mattered to us.” – Scott Dinsmore

God is Love and This 6-Year-Old Orphan Proves It

Reverend J. Edwin Bacon, Jr shows us the touching story of a son who woke up to a dead mother, and how he was inspired to grow from it.

10 Inspirational Quotes From Yogi Berra To Inspire All Men

Yogi Berra was a man larger than life and his mindset towards the game of baseball, and life had the ability to influence and inspire not just the greats in baseball but men everywhere.

My Narcissus

Kris Bigalk uses the Narcissus myth to comment on loss and love’s persistence.

My Dream: One Last Hunt With My Grandfather

If you could spend one last day with someone who’s passed, who would you choose, and how would you spend it?

Whispers of Death: How BJ Miller is Changing the Impact of Dying

Do you live a life of compassion and service? One man’s brush with death prompted to turn his thoughts about dying into meaningful action.

Learning to Be Bold: What Loss Taught Me About Life

After his friend lost an unspeakably hard battle with cancer, Jeff Friedman wants to share what he learned from his friend and colleague, Mike Connell.

Good Men Project Live Storytelling Event—Meet You At The Gate

Edie Weinstein tells a story about her parents, now gone, and the special way they had of connecting.

How to Walk Through the Darkness of Grief

There’s no single way through sorrow. But Louise Thayer helps us clear a path—and lead others, too.

Chasing Down the ‘Real Man’

Quentin Lucas found himself in the military, facing court martial, before he could begin to see what a ‘real man’ might be.

Why Men Paid Me To Bury Them Alive

Author Jay Cradeur shares how a night buried in Mother Earth can change everything for a man.

Find Out What Saved an Inspiring Hockey Player from Suicide

His thoughts would take him places he didn’t want to go. He’d question his abilities. His mind would take him to dark places.

My Husband’s Death Taught Me Something Profound: Gratitude is the Answer to Every Question

I keep pushing the wheelchair, trying to take deep breaths without being obvious. He repeats, “We have so much to be grateful for, don’t we?”

Being Here – A Father’s Near Death Experience

Tragic accidents happen. But sometimes staying alive is a commitment you make to the people who love yo