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Compensatory reparations should be limited to the harms of the Jim Crow era.

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How to be a Bouncer for your Facebook Page

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3 Ways to Teach My Kids the Art of Civil Discourse

DiaryDad is disappointed in the lack of civil discourse in politics, so he is going to try to teach his kids to do better. — We are less than a year away from our next presidential election here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. and I am already fed up of the childish behavior of […]

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Jessicah Lahitou looks at the benefits to innovation for difficult-to-solve problems such as prison reform.

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Keynesian Economics and Neoliberalism: The Debate Rages

Don’t let the promises of neoliberalism’s “freedom” seduce you into inaction.

Checking Your Privilege can and Should be Amazing

“Checking your privilege” will be amazing once we stop calling each other names, judging each other, and deciding who is and who is not allowed to speak and instead focus on self-awareness and social cooperation.

No One is Pro-Abortion (And Few Are Fully Pro-Life)

3. The Pro-Life Position Feels Disingenuous to Many People.