Binary Arguments and the Judgement of Solomon

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Binary arguments are the crack cocaine of human interactions. They are conversation killers and they serve only the interests of those who want to block co-operation and progress.

Between Debates

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“Has a president ever shared his dreams with the public before? Can I be the first?” By Sarah Braunstein

Open Thread: 2012 Presidential Debates… Is There a Winner?

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Do debates ever really change a voter’s mind?

Why Mitt Romney Isn’t Wrong


Mitt Romney let slip the big debate/campaign secret: you can’t win or lose, much less be right or wrong. It’s nothing but a word game on top of a mess of details that will make all the seemingly impossible big points work out in the end.

4 Signs You’re a Terrible Communicator


Sure, you’re a visionary leader. But do your day-to-day discussions actually move your company forward, or just cause confusion? Here’s how to tell. (Special from Inc. magazine)

More Americans Watched Jersey Shore Than GOP Debate

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Maybe SnookI is in the wrong line of work?