Anyone Else Worried About a Snowless December?

Matthew Rozsa asks: If you don’t believe in global warming, how do you explain our snowless December?

The Snowman: Lessons of Beauty, Magic, and Loss

Eliot had it wrong: December is the cruelest month. We have been ordered to be happy, to share good times with loved ones, to buy that special gift for a special someone. Some of us will experience that. But all of us have the daily news, and at least low-grade anxiety, and the persistent feeling that things are not right, not nearly right.

Australia’s $234 Billion Climate Gamble

The US and China need to lead the charge in maintaining pressure on Australia to do more in the global challenge that is climate change.

Call for Submissions: Remember That Time…Holidays

We want your stories! You don’t have to have a novel in your head, just a memory or two to share.

The (Christian) Month of December

Professor Warren Blumenfeld sees the privileged few and an excluded many during the “Holiday Season.”