“Name-calling is lazy & the refuge of the uninformed and prejudiced”

Ann Coulter

Stop Calling Ann Coulter Names. Seriously.

Our Old Congress


Congress is older than ever these days and that could pose problems for our democracy.

Prone to Mistakes? So Was Plato


Michael Amity notes that even one of our greatest thinkers blundered.

Bulgaria is Nothing

Bulgari si Nothing by by KamrenB Photography

Vladi sees the problems, but like many faced with the need for huge social reform; he is also unable to find the answers alone.

I am a Ukrainian: A Protest Video


Coming out of the current unrest in Ukraine this video looks to bring the reality of the protests to the eyes of the world.

More Early Voting Please


Early voting’s opponents often show a shocking lack of knowledge about how our democracy actually works.

After Three Years of Turmoil, Tunisia has the Arab World’s Most Progressive Constitution


Tunisia has taken a massive step forward in consolidating its democratic transition.

What Americans Could Achieve if We Banded Together Like We Did to Deport Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Too often we assume our politicians know or care what we care about. “We the People” have spoken. Can we get a redo?

The Coming Battle Over Voter ID

liberty bell

A judge in Pennsylvania has thrown out Pennsylvania’s controversial voter ID law setting the stage for the Supreme Court to tackle the issue.

Goodness and the Sliding Scale of Time

photo by williambrawley

“Yesterdays goodness isn’t good enough”, says Jackie Summers

In Politics, Voting is Just the Start


Terry McAuliffe’s likely win in Virginia’s race for governor shows how if you want to influence politics, voting is just the start.

5 Lessons My Kids Learned From the Government Shutdown

capital building, u.s., america, congress, government, shutdown, national mall

Kyle Wiley made the most of the government shutdown by using it as a teaching tool for his two young children.

The Way Millennials Give, and Why it Should Concern Us


Millenials give to charity in dramatically different ways than their predecessors.

Why Consumption Replaced Contribution: The Decline of Service in America

Boy final

How our mass consumption consumes our service to others.

My Freedom of Information Act Request for My Own PRISM Data

FOIA request

Micah Greene discovers first hand that you don’t have the right to your own data that is contained within the PRISM software.

Nelson Mandela Still in Critical Condition

nelson mandela, icu, nobel peace prize

The Nobel Peace Prize-winner and revolutionary is still hospitalized and listed in critical condition.