Oh No! Politics on Your News Feed Again?


Candidates have started seeking media attention, which means it’s time for you to start hating social media again.

His Entire Term as Governor Was Tainted With Protests

Dump Corbett

Years of civil disobedience from Philadelphians preceded Tom Corbett’s loss in PA Governor’s Race.

Lewis Black on Voter Suppression: “Not on my Watch Baby”

Lewis Black

Current voter ID laws are voter suppression laws. They perverse our democracy and perpetuate failures of the existing version of our marketplace of ideas

Virginia Gov. McDonnell’s Fall from Grace. Just Desserts?

Bob McDonnell

The man who would be king? (Or at least potential running mate to the man who almost became king) is going to prison and out of public life for good.

This is Not My America


Lost to America is the ability to compromise, which once made us the greatest of nations. Doug Zeigler wonders if we can ever regain the empathy for others that we once revered.

Raising a Daughter in 1950s America, Today


Yesterday, America went back in time. What does the Supreme Court decision and the Wendy Davis filibuster mean for the “future”?

Jon Stewart on Gay Marriage Evolution

jon stewart4

Jon Stewart explores what it might take to change the GOP’s mind concerning same-sex marriage.

Michigan Politician Speaks Out on “Right-To-Work”


A state representative makes the kind of loud, honest, proclamatory statement politicians are supposed to tiptoe around. Good for him.

Two Harvard Men Battle For President

Screen Shot 2012-11-04 at 11.20.41 PM

Liam Day asserts that as little as they or their supporters might like to admit, Obama and Romney have a lot in common.

From the Bottom of the 47 Percent

Screen Shot 2012-09-21 at 7.11.32 PM

Sean Davis came from the poorest of the poor, from the white-trash, from food stamps and toys made from boxes of government cheese—and he has a message for America.

Can A Child Have More Than Two Parents?

adorable toddlers

A California state bill would allow courts to legally declare a child has more than two parents.

Growing Up A Son of Sarge


In this excerpt of Mark Shriver’s book, The Good Man, he salutes his Dad and remembers the perks of being the Sargent’s son.

The President Airs His Grievances


President Obama gave a great speech on Tuesday, Slade Sohmer writes, so let’s just leave it at that.

No Presidential Challengers Have Any Heart


Andrew Cotto doesn’t think any of the challengers to President Obama have enough compassion to succeed.