The Coming Democratic Battle Over Education Reform


Forget financial regulations or the NSA, the biggest division in the Democratic Party in the future will probably be over education reform.

28 Black People You Probably Don’t Know About (But You Should)— Fannie Lou Hamer


Fannie Lou Hamer might be most famous for saying “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired”, but she should be remembered as the woman that saved the Democrat Party.

What Is Hillary Running On Anyway?


It remains to be seen what issues Hillary Clinton’s campaign will stress on the road to 2016.

Hillary’s Big Win


Don’t look now but the Hillary 2016 campaign is picking up major steam.

Tuesday’s Election Tells us Nothing About 2014


Ignore all those pundits telling you that the 2013 elections tell you something about 2014 or beyond.

In Politics, Voting is Just the Start


Terry McAuliffe’s likely win in Virginia’s race for governor shows how if you want to influence politics, voting is just the start.

Yes Liberals, Cory Booker is Your Friend

Cory Booker

Liberals should welcome the new senator from New Jersey.

Hillary’s Ghosts of Campaigns Past


Less than a year after Hillary Clinton left her position as Secretary of State, many of the trends that derailed her campaign for the White House in 2008 are reemerging.

Jesse Jackson Jr. is no Political Hero


The disgraced former member of Congress deserves acknowledgement for being willing to admit his guilt, but that’s about it.

Has the Republican Party Lost its Mind?


Some Republicans are arguing they can win by writing off minority voters. But this would be bad for the GOP and terrible for the country.

Be Less Loyal


Putting aside issues of team and party affiliation, Jim Jividen believes intellectual consistency is the highest possible value.

Robert F. Kennedy and Me

RFK, RFK assassination, Bobby Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Kennedys

On the 45th anniversary of his death, Deborah A. Lott describes the reaction to the assassination of Bobby Kennedy: in the Ambassador Hotel where he was scheduled to speak, and in the days and years after.

Opinion: Obama Is Not a Sexist

Playing Euchre

Tweet President Obama’s comment was inappropriate but that doesn’t mean he’s a bigot. Are we too quick to call someone a sexist? The political blogosphere has been spilling barrels of ink over Pres. Barack Obama and California attorney-general Kamala Harris. Our president, at a Democratic fundraiser said that Kamala Harris is the best looking attorney […]

Clinton’s Speech: What He Wrote vs What He Said

Screen Shot 2012-09-06 at 8.57.01 PM

Ever wondered how much of those speeches given at conventions and other official events are scripted, and how much are off-the-cuff?

Jamal Simmons on Being a Good Man in Politics


Andrew Cotto talks man-to-man with political analyst Jamal Simmons about the greatest social problems facing America, President Obama’s legacy, and what it takes to be a good man in politics.

Barney Frank: The Last Good Man Leaves Congress


New York Magazine’s interview with retiring Congressman Barney Frank is the most fun interview you will read today.