A Perfectly Sensible Political Rant

Editor Matthew Rozsa’s friend reveals some inconvenient truths about the upcoming election.

The Democrats and Republicans, What’s the Difference?

They are almost complete opposites of each other and many people tend to lean towards one or the other when discussing political issues.

Republican Debaters Decimate Our Democracy

David Kanegis believes the Republican Debate was not only a debacle, but a threat to national security. And yet he couldn’t stop watching it.

Super Tuesday: Vote!

To my fellow Americans in Super Tuesday States: Vote! (not for Trump)

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President Obama will clearly hold a place in the history books. But what will be the verdict on his legacy?

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Sami Jankins suggests a relationship is more than political alignment alone.

Should Teachers Bring Politics Into the Classroom?

We pretend core subjects are dogma-free; they aren’t. Here’s the right approach for teachers of all political persuasions.

Obama’s Speech on Gun Background Checks Divides but Fails to Conquer

Matt Sweetwood agrees on the middle ground approach the President took on gun control. He wishes it had been more alliance building than partisan, however.

Why Bernie Just Can’t Win

Forget the blow up between Bernie Sanders and the DNC, his answers during the debate show why he won’t be the nominee.

9 Ways We Can Truly Save Christmas (Once and for All)

So here we go, ace! Here are some real world, multi-partisan, trans-denominational, hyper-humanistic suggestions and quick fixes that would ameliorate, alter, and save the greatest retail seasonal day ever (while possibly generating a cavalcade of new traditions and TV specials).