First Impressions: Why We Keep Our Real Selves Hidden When We Meet New People


Meeting someone for the first time is like meeting yourself all over again.

A Gay Dad Sounds Off On the Abuse and Lies in TLC’s “My Husband is Not Gay”

husb not gay 1

TLC launched the sensational “Not Gay” show about “same sex attracted” men marrying straight women. Media focused on the plight of the men. Rob Watson thinks the real focus needs to be the damage to the women they married.

When She Says It’s Over It’s Over

when she says its over

Better to accept reality than become The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave.

It’s Finally Over. Why Am I So Surprised?: Scenes From a Divorce, Part 1

divorce and the ferris wheel outside Chernobyl

Steven Axelrod, with part one of a seven part series from the front lines of modern divorce.

“From personal experience, I’ve had no problem integrating my abuse into my happy and fulfilling life.”

happy guys photo by rais58

This Comment of the Day was by Cornelius Walker on the post Are Victims Obligated to Tell Their Stories a Certain Way?

I Can Finally Say I Am Proud to Be a Man

gay masculinity, gay manhood, gay dads project, male pride, confidence, men's friendships, gay coming of age

A lifetime of homophobia had beaten down Larry Best, but with the help of a friend, he has regained pride in his manhood.

Mental Toughness Has Nothing to Do with Being a Hardass

stoicism, repressed, negative emotions, grief, anger, shame, masculinity, man code, manhood, man up, mental toughness, male toughness, The Good Life

Learn the difference between mastery and suppression of your feelings.

The Phases of a Break-Up

Break Up

Josh Bowman shares the many phases of a break-up.

Are American Churches As Racist As My Mom?

photo ©2007 David Joyce, Flickr

Fear is what we feel, denial is what we do, and defensiveness is how we do it.

Why Can’t My Ex-Husband Talk About Our Son’s Psychiatric Disorder?

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Part of loving a person with a psychiatric disorder, writes Pauline Gaines, is acknowledging that the disorder is real.

Darkness Falling


On spending years dealing with depression every way other than dealing with it.

Liberals and Conservatives: Ideology over Science


What you believe should be true limits what you are willing to believe is true.

“Withholding sex as a weapon IS abuse.”


This is a comment by Archy on the post “Withholding Sex is Not a Joke”.

Eating Sushi at Stoplights


Caring for his mother through treatment for a brain tumor, David Olimpio finds odd comforts in a city he used to call home.

Men, Strength, and Death


True strength does not require denial of reality, but suppleness in meeting it.

The Man Behind the Mask


What keeps men from sharing their feelings—until it’s too late? Psychotherapist Stephanie Morgan explores the Boy Code through Rick Belden’s poetry.