The Homeless Man

What do you allow yourself to really see?

Depression: The Word That Must Not Be Named

Stephanie Mitchell Hughes shares her story of depression for her community, her daughter and for each of us.

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Bullying leads to both short-term and long-term adverse consequences.

Challenging the Invisible Man

Reflections from a Psychotherapist on Supporting Men to Reach Out to Other Men for Emotional Support.

If These Men Can Choose to Be Happy You Probably Can Too

Life is a rollercoaster, and the best times to throw your hands into the air are on the downhill slopes.

Mental Health Can Sometimes Evoke Feelings of Selfishness

Jennifer Guinyard LMSW says that dealing with a loved one with mental illness can evoke feelings of selfishness.

Who Do You Trust to be Our Next President?

When we’re deciding who to trust with the keys to nuclear war, we should ask about their childhood wounds and how it might impact them as adults.

How Do We Measure “Progress” in Mental Illness?

Progress is a choice and it means we are in control of our disease.

This Personal Tragedy Gave Me a Mission to Save Our Youth

I knew the importance of these challenges, but his death prompted me to do something about it.

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In honor of Mental Health Month, The Good Men Project presents some of its best writings on mental health.

Male Infertility May Predict Other Health Problems

One issue can lead to others, adding insult to injury.

Depression is Like Going Down the Rabbit Hole

How do you pull yourself out of the deep pit? Stephanie Mitchell Hughes tells her story.

7 Ways to Heal Your Spirit

Do you have spirit sickness? What would a modern day shaman recommend?

Mental Health and the Changing Face of Courage

Sean Swaby wants to know, “What is courage today?”

It’s Not Always Depression, Sometimes It’s Shame

When a seemingly depressed person doesn’t respond to traditional treatments, perhaps the root of his anguish is something else.

Prince, Heroin and Parkinson’s Disease

The rock legend taught me some things about coping with my disease.