The Single Woman with Guillain-Barré

I was hospitalized with a serious disease, but apparently, I had bigger problems.

Why It’s Tough Being a Man

What happens when you have a fear of expressing emotions, and hide your embarrassment and shame?

I Survived Suicide And My Husband Supported Me

Ann Roselle opens up about her suicide attempt and her husband’s unconditional support through it.


Use the Future to Create a Better Life for Yourself: The Ebenezer Effect

Want to see your future? What you see may shock you. ___ Imagine that you could glimpse into your future. Would it change you? Some people imagine that a vision of the future would change them: To see yourself in your successes, your loneliness, your struggles. We live life on cruise control Life is every […]

I’m Proud to be a Turbaned Man

The Sikh turban is steeped in symbolism but its wearers have also been a target of racism.

Why You Should Never Point a Finger at Someone

Face it. No one is perfect. There may even be some shared blame, but you CAN move past it.

Talking About Mental Illness and Gender Inequality

Each gender has its own challenges in having mental health recognized. Tyler Jacobson pleas for stereotypes to be dropped so more people can find health.

The Subtlety of Emotional Abuse

Women aren’t crazy—we simply have feelings and have every right to express them without being invalidated or labeled as crazy.

An Interview with Tim Matsui on Sex Trafficking in the United States

STAND corresponded with Matsui about his film and his efforts to educate and inspire others to take action on the issues related to sexual violence and trafficking.

We are not Okay Even When we say we are Great

When we lie about our feelings, are we being polite or missing an opportunity to connect?

The Shrink… and You Thought You had Problems!

Richard McLean spent time working on a psychiatric ward as a Consumer Consultant. As a mental health service user, he shares his unique viewpoint.

How Can I Love a Father I Never Knew

Father’s Day should be about celebrating a dad’s role in our lives. For me, it’s about overcoming his absence.

What a Little-Known Brain Region Can Tell Us About Depression

This is just one small study, but if our results are correct the hyperactive habenula theory of depression needs a serious rethink.

Finally Getting to Know Dad

This dad is getting a second chance at being a father to his adult kids.

Comment of the Day: ‘man, I wish that had happened to me is not a joke’

Rape is rape and there should be compassion for all genders.

Children Who Belong to Other Men

“How I envy his time with that child of mine”