Mental Health and the Changing Face of Courage

Sean Swaby wants to know, “What is courage today?”

It’s Not Always Depression, Sometimes It’s Shame

When a seemingly depressed person doesn’t respond to traditional treatments, perhaps the root of his anguish is something else.

Prince, Heroin and Parkinson’s Disease

The rock legend taught me some things about coping with my disease.

4 Important Reasons Why Men Don’t Focus on Enjoying Life

Putting off your own happiness no matter the reason will only lead to regret. J.W. Holland had to learn this lesson the hard way.

How Creative Expression Can Help with Depression

Both science and history attest that creativity is a great ally in battling the darkness.

Love in a Time of Desperation

She is 23 and already looks like an abandoned building.

The Success Fade

When you fall and you will, remember that tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to pay the rent of success. Be blessed on your journey.

Depression Challenges My Masculinity

  Aaron J. Smith says that depression robs him of his manhood. ___ I am an adult man. I can go grocery shopping, do laundry, prepare meals, do the dishes, clean the bathrooms, vacuum, pay bills, do taxes, and a host of other adult behaviors. At 36, I better be able to hold my own […]

Why Self-Sufficiency is Not the Answer

Darla Johnson shows you why it’s not good to be alone, and what to do about it.

The Thread Worth Hanging On By

When we are in the throes of despair, we can easily be tempted to believe that there is nothing good or beautiful or sweet enough to sustain us.

Are You Absorbed by Your Work Or A Workaholic? Find Out Here

Both the absorbed worker and the workaholic have difficulty disengaging from work. The major difference is the underlying motivation.

Four Ways Depression Drove Me to be a Better Dad

Make no mistake, depression is a terrible disease. Yet as a dad knowing what you’re dealing with you can use it as a learning experience.

Employer Versus Employee: A Thorough Look of the 21st Century Reality

Treat your customers as good as your employees or else…

How Art Helped Rescue Me from the Darkest Traps

When Alex Cook found himself in the midst of darkness, he found renewal from a surprising source.

The Life of a Bipolar Dad

Yesterday Kevin Hall shared about his challenge with Cancer. That was nothing compared to dealing with his bipolar disorder. He tells us why.

Depression and the Personal Politics of Blame

Sean Swaby has found that blame is toxic and dangerous, just like gasoline.