I Took My Daughter To Her 1st Movie On My 40th Birthday, Not To Celebrate, But To Prevent A Depression Spiral

Lorne Jaffe

Lorne Jaffe realized that, despite his depression, it would be unacceptable for him not to be there for his daughter. So Frozen and popcorn it was.

What’s Going on With U.S. Veterans 2014? (Infographic)


Discover some of the issues facing today’s veterans in this easily shareable infographic.

Student’s Survival Story Triggered by Campus Suicides

Jack Park Cries

In the wake of two suicides in the last three weeks at the University of Pennsylvania, college junior Jack Park reveals he, too, wanted to commit suicide, but says his failed attempt was part of a greater being’s plan for his life.

Research Study: The SAHD and Depression

kids with dad-y wickenden-flickr

The hope is that through this research, more detailed information may be gathered regarding what to look for in, and how to best help, SAHDs who are experiencing depression.

Loving Him, Living With His Depression


Loving someone who battles depression is like loving two people who are engaged in a constant struggle with each other.

Thoughts of Depression, Self-Harm, and Suicide


Suicidal people are often called selfish or cowardly, but how often are they called exhausted or terrified? Andrew Lawes shares his story.

25 + 1 Characteristics of Highly Happy People


Danny Baker has spent a good deal of time learning what it means to be truly happy, and he would like to share what he has learned.

9 Millimeters

Bullet photo by Paul L Dineen

Put a hole in a man’s head, even one as small as 9 millimeters and it is amazing how many ghosts can come out. Michael Dorman knows firsthand.

You Should Never Feel Guilty for Having a Mental Illness – But Perhaps You Should for How You Choose to Handle it

scream-y LordFerguson-flickr

Danny Baker believes there is a right way and a wrong way to deal with your own mental illness.

Pure Hot Holy Anger and How It Can Move You to Make a Difference


Robin Rice has learned that sometimes anger can be a force for good in the world. All you have to do is let it move you.

To Recover From a Mental Illness, Sometimes You Have to do What You Least Feel Like Doing

basketball-by StuSeeger-flickr

Danny Baker knows recovering from a mental illness is hard work, but it is possible. He’s living proof that it can be done.

The World’s Smallest Hotel Room

deep dark

Mike Snelle knows how it feels to be just a few moments away from taking his own life. He also knows how it feels to recover.

4 Ways to Combat Depression Without Talk Therapy or Drugs


Dr. Jed Diamond has experienced and studied depression for years. Here he offers some additional strategies to help fight it.

How to Be Depressed and Not Lose Your Marriage: Part II

depression, depressed, marriage, saving a marriage

Heather Gray shares 6 more straightforward strategies to strengthen your marriage in spite of depression.

Ascension: What I Learned From Getting Kidnapped in Paris

Place de Saint-Michel-wallyg-slickr

Resolutions, reconciliations, and amends: A new year brings fresh opportunities for ascension in wisdom. Court Stroud knows everyone has a change story. Here’s his.

NEW REPORT: Suicide Rate Among Young Veterans Has Tripled

va suicide-by marsmet511-flickr

Young male veterans under the age of 30 are three times more likely to commit suicide when compared to civilian males in the same age bracket.