What I Learned From Living With Alcoholism


She tried everything she could before she realized these truths that led to healing. — I grew up with family and friends that all drank alcohol. It was a way of life. Social gatherings, family outings, holidays, they all came with alcohol. As I grew older, it became a way of life for me as […]

Grappling With Fear And The Desire To Live My Authentic Truth


After growing up in an abusive home, this woman left at 15 and found her path to healing. — I love to write. In fact, I AM a writer. I am an untrained and unpublished writer, but none the less, writing is one of the things I do almost daily. I have been writing since […]

Using The Power of Your Mind to Help You Heal During Grief

grieving man

Have you lost a loved one? Here is the best tool to help you heal — your mind.

How Losing My Business Made Me Feel Less Than a Man


At the lowest point in his life, he learned a lesson that led him to freedom. — Men have standards to uphold; many have something to prove, but when the bottom drops out, it can feel like your life is over. Memories of inadequacy became real again of always coming up short of my goals. […]

Mental Health: The Silent Wait of Depression


How happy do you feel? Depression may be more common than you think.

Confronting My Steppenwolf


Jonathan Delavan shares his inner struggles and the resulting insights over confronting his darker nature face-to-face.

Fathers, Anxiety, and Depression


Can Father’s Day begin a day of healing for fathers and sons?

Postpartum Depression: A Tough Reality for Fathers

cheriejoyful flickr gmp isacco 6154263729_97fdd8925d_z

Anthony Isacco identifies the symptoms of male depression related to childbirth and why health professionals don’t notice those symptoms.

The Secret to Raising Happy Children


When parents devote themselves completely to their children without tending to their own needs, it raises an important question: What are we teaching our children by living a joyless life?

Depression Is an Ongoing Battle I Fight Every Day


Depression is an invincible foe. But Dyllon Charron found a way to fight it: by becoming invincible himself.

Help Your Fellow Man Survive the Suicide Statistic


An honest look at how to get through the week when you’ve overdone it at the weekend.

Mental Health: How to Stop Recycling Your Mistakes


 What is your best mistake? ––– Shitty first drafts. All good writers write them. This is how they end up with good second drafts and terrific third drafts. — Anne Lamott When I was 18, I took a volunteer job as a camp counsellor for a week: First mistake. To prepare, I packed my own suitcase: Mistake […]

Why Fixing Yourself Never Works

man looking in mirror

What if, instead of seeing yourself as broken, you could ask three questions and see yourself as complete?

My Depression Is Not Me and I Am Not My Depression

I Am Not by Denise Mayumi

Cabot O’Callaghan takes us into the ice cave of despair where the fire of his soul burns brightly.

I’m A Better Man Because I Chose Running


Running is breaking down barriers for Adam Crawford, but it’s not the act of running, it’s the therapy provided. — Beneath the Surface is peeling back the layers of this onion we call sports. Running is something I never thought I would enjoy. In high school baseball we ran as punishment for not doing something […]

‘Blue Ruin’ Makes a Comeback in Rental


James Holcomb reviews a missed gem in cinema.