Poetry as Practice in the Preservation of Life

Creativity can be a support for men when their life starts to fall apart.

Dear Suicidal Self, From Your Well Self

Every day, remember that you know at least one man who can help you along your way.

Mental Health: Call For Submissions

We want to hear about what you have learned from your mental illness, how it is making you a better man.

Lessons from the Man Who Learned to Say Yes

When you’re dealing with depression, turning down offers becomes part of your norm. So what happens when you make yourself say yes?

How Does Creativity Affect Your Depression and Anxiety?

Michele Paiva reveals why creative people are truly sexy.

Sweeps in San Francisco Aim to Force the Homeless Out

Where are people with no place to go … supposed to go?

Dealing with My Depression Through the ‘Lens’ of Nature

Wasim Malakshy found help, hope, and clarity through photography.

Men and Loneliness: 6 Ways to Combat Isolation

Friends are a vital factor in living a happy, healthy life.

Wayne Brady: Laughing at Depression

Depression is not funny, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer!

Tear Up The Man Card

Ryan Hall shares that all that you need is a mirror to find out what a real man is.

Helping the Village Reclaim it’s Soul

It’s time we understand the role of community in the rise and fall of our sons.

What If I Am a Man Who Doesn’t Want a Divorce?

Divorce is even harder when it’s the last thing you want.

The One Big Taboo No One in the World Wants to Talk About

Why is no one talking about the suicide rate and what’s causing it?

Comment of the Day: ‘I walked away from mine too.’

The pain that comes from divorce can be difficult for a man to move past.

4 Reasons I Am Not Ashamed of My Suicidal Thoughts

After a failed suicide attempt, Keola Birano realized he needed to embrace his suicidal thoughts. — I feel my world collapsing on me as I stare at a bottle of pain killers. My hands shake uncontrollably as the voices within beg for the pain to end. I grab my pills and try to muster up the courage to take them […]

Daddy Isn’t a Hero – He’s a Real Man Who Has Depression

Single dad, Matthew Williams, is a hero to his children. He is honest about living with depression. ___   My house is home to various superheroes. I have a four-year-old son and superheroes hold a particular fascination for little boys, a fascination that I would suggest endures in big boys (Superman, in case you were […]