The Torture Of Loving A Person Who Doesn’t Love You Back


We’ve all fallen for someone who didn’t love us. But, can we change someone’s mind and convince them to fall for us? This writer says ‘yes’.

How My 91 Year Old Relative Showed Me The Secret To A Powerful Relationship

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Graham Phoenix explores the difference between loneliness and aloneness, and discovers how dependency can destroy a relationship.

It’s Time to Rethink Seduction

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Kitty Cavalier says men should bring a keen awareness and willingness to play this game of life with partners, kids, even colleagues.

“Can Women rape men? Most people think that they can’t.”

Male Abuse

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Men, Are You Afraid Your Woman Doesn’t Need You Anymore?

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Fergus Denhamer wonders if men in midlife are becoming redundant to the women they love?

45 Ways to a Kick Ass Life

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Want the hit list from a champion on how to handle life? Scott Sonnon shares 45 here

A Conversation about Bringing Back Desire to YOUR Marriage.

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Ande Lyons, Chief Passion Curator for Bring Back, Shares With us Her Website And How to Bring Back Desire to Your Marriage

Lessons Learned Getting Back on the ‘Dating Horse’


Haven’t been in the market for a while? You may be afraid you’ve lost your swing.

An Open Letter to My Son About Sex

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“Your greatest challenge will be to honor the erotic feelings and desires that will come up inside you while also staying fully present and respectful.” Janis Whitlock, in a letter to her son.

How Our Metaphors For Sex Shape Our Sexual Experiences (Video)


We use competitive metaphors to talk about sex, like baseball, when we should be using corporative ones, like pizza.

Actor Stephen Fry Talks About Why He’s Proud to Be Gay.


English actor Stephen Fry discusses why he is not ashamed of being gay.

Lessons in Love and the Desires of Women


After a string of rejections, Andy Bodle searches through everything from books, to women’s magazines, to dating profiles to find out what women really want in a man.

“The traits that make men louts are the same traits that give rise to the qualities women seem to prefer.”


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Bodies in Motion: The Bike

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Are young males, generally, hardwired to take risks? Jason Kapcala explores this theme in part one of his series, “Bodies in Motion.”

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100 Words on Love: Thunderbolt

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“Hello.” The word softly sung from her lips in a Continental accent that was the last straw: Hook. Line. Sinker.

“There was nothing magic about the pussy, it’s all in the mind. Her mind.”


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