3 Things Nobody Taught Me About Sex When I Was a Young Man


They’re NOT the things I learned in sex-ed class.

Two Seconds


Kris Bigalk creates eros in few words and a simple gesture.

The Lost World Of Male Desire

man desiring world

Why do we fear male desire? It has achieved so much in the past, yet now it is a thing of shame.

How to Teach Children About Desire


Stephen Scott Whitaker raises the uncomfortable yet important subject of one’s children’s burgeoning sexuality.

Nowhere to Go

Gay shopping

Allen Fraser Clark captures the frustration and desire of young men, eager for sexual expression and frightened by it.

Extreme Sports Getting More Extreme: Are You Feeling The Flow?


Is the constant boundary pushing in extreme sports a dangerous manifestation of a crisis of masculinity, or something much more interesting?

When You Feel Attraction But Don’t Want Action

When You Feel by Jean Francois Gornet

Trish Everett offers an innovative way to deal with desire we don’t want to act on: the attraction contract.

11 Feelings You Didn’t Know You Could Have Until You Fell In Love

hold me tight photo by emilienetiennephotography

Being in love was both the greatest and most horrible experience in my life. It made me feel in ways I didn’t think were possible to feel.



For Valentine’s Day, enjoy these two wife/husband poems–which are normally performed simultaneously–from Helen Wing.

3 Essentials for Winning Like a Super Bowl Champ


Whether you love football or hate it, Tor Constantino shares some success insights gleaned from watching the Super Bowl.

Why You Will Never Be Successful If You Cannot Name Your Passion

find your passion

Without passion, success doesn’t exist. Paul Hudson shows us how.

Being In A Relationship – The Challenge Of Change

The Challenge of Change

Trying not to fall off the boat called relationship. Steven Lake looks at the challenges and opportunities that change offers.

Spontaneous Heart Poem


Social Justice Editor Wilhelm Cortez offers some spontaneous thoughts on the heart.

Going Dutch on Plan B


Hannah Baggott presents a woman’s perspective on desire…and the “morning after.”

Boot Camp–1967


Brady Peterson captures the sexual frustration of the deployed man while at the same time tapping into a deeper kind of loneliness.

4 Reasons Why We Want That One Person That We Can’t Have

cant have

Why is it that when we can’t have someone, we want the person so much more?