“Have we become obsessed with skeleton’s in everyone’s closets?”

This comment by SpyralBound on the post Cheering on the Bully and the Killer: Is That Entertainment?

Dexter Finale = Crime & Punishment or Just Bad Writing?

Tsach Gilboa explores humanity’s “dark passenger” through the lens of the Dexter series finale.

Anger, The Dark Passenger

Eric Robillard has stopped naming his anger passion and has come to grapple with his verbally abusive Dark Passenger.

Mrs. Antihero

We love to watch bad guys on TV. Why do we love to hate their wives almost as much?

TV’s New Golden Age and Why Homeland Won’t Be Remembered

Greg Olear had high hopes that Homeland would join the ranks of the truly elite television dramas. Here, his criteria for what makes a TV show superb.

Parents, What’s More Brutal: The Anxiety or The Grind?

When worrying about your children’s future gives way to dealing with them in the present.

Open Thread: Who is the Best Villain on TV?

We’ve had some amazing villains on TV in the last decade… Who was your favorite?

The Best Don’t Ask For Help (and Other Lies)

John Jones thought he wouldn’t be much if he didn’t become a father. Without his daughter, he might not be here at all.

The Top 10 Good Men on TV

You are aware that there is an invention called television–and on this invention they show shows, right? Well, sometimes those shows feature good men.

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