So, You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling, Now What?

Exploring imagination, triggers, criticism and habit, Paulette Bibeau discovers the power of thought to affect her relationship.

The Courage To Be Real

Marc Maron reminds us that being brilliant doesn’t mean copying others. Rather it means being the best version of who we are.

Could I Be an Expert on College Men?

Aaron W. Voyles considers the concept of being an expert on the experiences of college men.

9 Facts About the Israel-Palestine Conflict On Which We Can All Agree

Qasim Rashid helps us find a middle ground.

Is There A Monologist In Your House?

What do You do When Someone Dominates the Conversation?

Lessons from #NotAllMen/#YesAllWomen

#YesAllWomen wasn’t an attack; it was an almost unprecedented invitation to listen. Devin McCutchen shares what we can learn from these six words.

Men Conversing Rationally, Something Needed More In Online Comments Sections

When a female teacher gives a fifteen year old a lap dance, you’d expect the news story itself to be the most disturbing part. You would be wrong.

So Long Sophomore Slump

Sophomore year isn’t about surviving, it’s about thriving.

The Married Men Don’t Talk Show (Video)

An online radio show about marriage does not allow women to call in, only to listen.

The Crisis of Masculinity in Britain

There is a “crisis of masculinity in Britain” because of the pressures rapid economic and social change have placed on masculine identity says Diane Abbott, a senior British Politician. The rise of a “Viagra and Jack Daniels culture” is an indication of the pressure young men are under to live up to “pornified ideals.”

I’m a Terrible, Awful Parent

Does our childish behavior make us bad parents? William Lucas Walker shares a snapshot of his own experience.

Easy Targets: The Top 10 in April on The Good Life

Brought to you by the people who make aiming high, look easy.

WOW! See What a Civil, Intelligent Feminism/Men’s Rights Dialogue Looks Like

The partisan voices that seek to maintain the ideological status quo will continue to encourage us to go binary and fight. But here’s what happens when they don’t get their way.

Five Films That Changed the Game

The Seventies were a decade of smashing taboos in filmmaking: in dialogue, depictions of history, and the image of the leading man.

“The capacity for change in even the most backward people starts with compassion. Take it from a former Psycho Bitch from Hell.”

This is a comment by Vironika Tugaleva on the post “How to Deal with a Psycho Bitch from Hell”. The more we label each other, the more we reduce each other to stereotypes and the more we barriers up the walls between each other. We have to start at compassion to be able to reach through the awful moments.

“This project blows the stereotype of ‘women are the talkers, sharers and emoters’ out of the water.”

This comment-of-the-day was by Eileen on “This Much I Know to Be True”