The Most Amazing Digital Painting You’ll Ever See (VIDEO)

Lambert Painting

Artist Kyle Lambert proves he has more talent in one finger than the rest of us could ever hope for.

Geishas, Oil, and Marseilles: Art by Jack Varnell

Cracks In The Dream

Jesse Mitchell reviews Jack Varnell’s art and find it reminiscent of “James Rosenquist, Raoul Hausmann and the conceptual art from the film Blade Runner.”



The Blue Trash Can


The Blue Trash Can

Once More Man Standing by a Parking Sign


This is a shot I originally made on march 22 2012. Got much positive, encouraging, stiltifyingly romantic, uplifting-like-the-last-time-I-kissed-a-girl praise. [PHOTO]

That’s a Woman in a Window

That's a Woman in a Window

my attempt to be paul cezanne. don’t ax why. i just kiddin. woman in big window at nat. portrait gallery wash dc usa best deal in town cheaper than mcdonald’s and ikea why not more people go get culture i no not know? Some say no make war. i took this picture lefthanded, upside down while drinking tequila. tee-hee. i just kiddin. tee-hee tee-hee tee-hee.

Man, Woman, Cafe february 19

Man, Woman, Cafe february 19

The Photograph National Gallery of Art feb 19

The Photograph National Gallery of Art feb 19