This Is Rage. Welcome.


Ken Goldstein is embarking on an experiment at The Good Men Project. Serializing his new novel, This Is Rage, chapter by chapter.

The Measure of a Man in the Digital Age


I contemplate the tracks of my peers as technology and personhood become more intertwined.

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Sigmund Freud Said Abnormal

I would be William Shakespeare—zounds. / But I am madder than 12 Ezra Pounds. [Poem]

Car Just Outside Hooter’s


Hot Pants Are So 1970

Lonely at Arby’s


poem and art

Ms. Beijing

The picture here, then, is an image of some images which, in turn, are images of other images. A mirror mirror mirror sort of thing, one might say.

The Shed Out Back

Anybody heard of Ernie Gehr?
This kinda reminds me of Ernie Gehr.

Bonaparte (just the poem)

Bonaparte   Now we inhabit Paris France (Parisian girls unfurled) French coffee with tax 211 (Best brothels in the world)   Yo, we hate the wimps Pierre Baguettes no American rolls Why should I look at a Henry Matisse? Still Paris’ mornings for our souls   Google failed actor Eugene Atget Old man of Parisian […]


Now we inhabit Paris France

Dark Coffee Bogart

Talk, Humphrey, I wish I could

Antique Shop Blue Door


I discovered a place called Antique Row, which is about a mile from my home. For some reason, there always seems to be a great light there.

Hot Pants Are So 1970

Hot Pants Are So 1970   I was scared to write at Hooter’s 12 pair of hot pants there I consumed all the big tight chests My waitress’s bleach-blonde hair   She was Barbie; I am Ken No corset tied ’cross her back A man in a green ironed uniform Holstered a pistol; my heart […]

Window Antique Shop

Window Antique Shop

I took this pic yesterday morning at about 11, maybe. There was a garden beneath the window, and two elderly people tending the garden wanted to know what I was doing. I tried to think of something witty to say, but instead just thought to myself: “Don’t worry. I am just jealous of Eugene Atget.”
Wikipedia Footnote: Eugène Atget (February 12, 1857 – August 4, 1927) was a French photographer noted for his photographs documenting the architecture and street scenes of Paris. An inspiration for the surrealists and other artists, his work only gained wide attention after his death.