The Mavericks Didn’t Just Beat the Heat

Let’s lay off LeBron and just celebrate the Mavs. They just won some pretty damn entertaining basketball games.

What Can the NBA Teach Us About Expressing Emotions?

“Crying because you are sad signifies weakness for a man. Tears of joy are a sign of happiness and success for completing a goal.”

LeBron’s Legacy and Dallas on the Brink

LeBron still has time, but the 2011 Playoffs are chipping away at his legacy.

Rooting for Dallas and Loving the Heat

You can be happy the Heat exist, but you don’t have to root for them to win.

In Defense of the Mavs

Dallas win win the NBA title in seven games.

Western Conference Finals Update

Everything you need to know before tonight’s Mavericks-Thunder game.

The Psyche of the Point Guard

Russell Westbrook’s next few games will be a case study.

The NBA Playoffs: Almost There

In case you slept through the first two rounds of the playoffs, we’ll bring you up to speed.

A Response to ‘Mr. Softy’

Beckley Mason, the editor of ESPN’s beautiful HoopSpeak blog, sent in this email response.

Mr. Softy

What makes Pau Gasol, Dirk Nowitzki, and Chris Bosh “soft”?

NBA Playoffs: Western Conference Update

Get caught up with all those games they play while you’re sleeping.

Life Without Basketball

Let’s suppose—just for fun—that Dr. James Naismith had never moved to Springfield, Massachusetts, from his native Canada in the 1890s.