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What are your rights if your child with a disability is denied access to a school?

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Gary Dietz argues that fathers of disabled children need to embrace their evolving role in society and actively support, both physically and emotionally, caregivers in similar situations.

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Wilkine Brutus highlights Maysoon Zayid and her work to show the world that “disability is as visual as race.”

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Erin Kelly, a writer with cerebral palsy, on an exciting new development for disabled people who are looking for work.

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Ten Years in the Rearview Mirror

When it’s a matter of life, death and wheelchair accessible vans.

Acceptance: The Fight of the 21st Century

The values extolled by Martin Luther King Jr. live on how we live them.

The Right to Life; The Right to End It [Video]

It’s your life. But is it yours to end?