The Warrior Poet and the Apprentice


Erin Kelly reflects on her unexpected arrival at The Good Men Project, and how Cameron Conaway changed her life with one e-mail.

One Mile at a Time: Connor and Cayden Long

conner long

These true champions redefine brotherhood.

Beyond Recess: When Disability Plays a Role in the Decline of Education for Students in the US

photo by ufv

Erin Kelly, a writer with cerebral palsy, reflects on her experience as a disabled student, and the striking increase of young people who aren’t getting the education they deserve.

The March of India: Living in the Shadow of a Disability


Erin Kelly, a writer with cerebral palsy, explores the impact of the thousands of disabled Indians who protested in New Delhi for the right to be counted as equal.

“I Got 99 Problems and Palsy is Just One.”


Wilkine Brutus highlights Maysoon Zayid and her work to show the world that “disability is as visual as race.”

How School Drug Policies Hurt the Disabled and the Depressed

school locker photo by tabor roeder

Tommy Raskin believes that current drug policies in schools tip the balance against young people who are self-medicating because of disability, depression, family dysfunction and social exclusion.

When the Sun Shines on My Necklace


Erin Kelly, a writer with cerebral palsy, reflects on the impressions her grandparents left in her heart.

Why Are There No Blue Dogs?


Little Bird’s Dad remembers his Uncle Joe, a man many didn’t understand or take the time to truly know.

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Dad of a Child with a Disability

photo by honzasoukup

Gary Dietz knows you are just trying to connect. But you could try to connect with his son—as a human being—instead of adding to the feeling of marginalization by asking questions as if he doesn’t exist.

Of Walls, Bridges and Friendship


Erin Kelly’s cerebral palsy built a wall that she believed no one could break through. These five stories come from five of her closest friends who made the choice to break through that wall and redefine friendship.

The Pain of Patience: Living in the World Outside My Bedroom Door


For Erin Kelly, a writer with cerebral palsy, waiting isn’t an option. It’s a way of life.

Dear Brother

Jacob Tucker Brother

Jacob Tucker’s brother just turned 24. And it’s time Jacob told him what he really thinks about him.

Money, Disability and the Road to Independence


Erin Kelly, a writer with Cerebral Palsy, talks about the way money impacts her personal freedom.

Reluctant Reliability: A Glimpse into Cerebral Palsy


Erin Kelly, a writer with cerebral palsy, reflects on the mental aspects of an ordinary morning.

In His Gurney He Walked His Daughter Down the Aisle


Erin Kelly reflects on the inspirational story of Scott Nagy.

The Future of Disabled Workers


Erin Kelly, a writer with cerebral palsy, on an exciting new development for disabled people who are looking for work.