Men Are From Mars? What John Gray Got Wrong About Women


Jordan Gray has a bone to pick with his (non-related) colleague John Gray. Is the vulnerability shaming really necessary?

Here’s How I Deal with Disagreement. Got a Problem With That?


“There are things which bind us all, a common humanity which transcends the doctrinal or ideological,” argues seminary graduate N.C. Harrison.

“Conversation is always a good thing. Ignoring a problem has never resulted in a solution.”

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This comment was by John Weeast, on Tom Matlack’s post This Much I Know To Be True

Intelligent Conflict


Eric Sentell provides strategies for managing conflict and disagreement.

Don’t Get Raped, Not Don’t Rape

This is a response to Charles’s post on the same subject. I disagree with him on a fair number of points, so I’m going to talk here. You should probably read his post before you read mine. I agree, absolutely, that media and culture teach us not to rape. I think that they teach us not […]

Can Both Sides of the Gender Debate Get Along?


Andrew Bruskin thinks so.