How to End a Fight (on Twitter) Without Spilling Blood

Another person’s background may have led them to different conclusions than your own, but that doesn’t make their opinion less valid.

GMP Dad Workshop: How to Have a Good Fight With Your Spouse

I hate fighting, but research has shown that couples that fight well are happier and stay together longer. Here are four things you can do fight like a mature adult.

You May Not Agree With Ben Carson’s Politics. But We Shouldn’t Be Calling Him Mentally Ill.

Yes, Dr. Carson has said some awful things, but mental illness should not be an insult or a political weapon.

Men Are From Mars? What John Gray Got Wrong About Women

Jordan Gray has a bone to pick with his (non-related) colleague John Gray. Is the vulnerability shaming really necessary?

Here’s How I Deal with Disagreement. Got a Problem With That?

“There are things which bind us all, a common humanity which transcends the doctrinal or ideological,” argues seminary graduate N.C. Harrison.

“Conversation is always a good thing. Ignoring a problem has never resulted in a solution.”

This comment was by John Weeast, on Tom Matlack’s post This Much I Know To Be True

Intelligent Conflict

Eric Sentell provides strategies for managing conflict and disagreement.

Don’t Get Raped, Not Don’t Rape

This is a response to Charles’s post on the same subject. I disagree with him on a fair number of points, so I’m going to talk here. You should probably read his post before you read mine. I agree, absolutely, that media and culture teach us not to rape. I think that they teach us not […]

Can Both Sides of the Gender Debate Get Along?

Andrew Bruskin thinks so.