21 Tweets: “Why We Don’t Spank Our Kids”


For an ever increasing number of dads and moms, spanking their kids is not an option. Here are 21 good reasons why.

Is There Still a Place for Physical Discipline?


I was raised by the belt, but should I do the same with my children?

Cris Carter Has a Moment—and It’s a Game-Changer

Cris Carter Has a Moment by Jeff Stinson

Following on Cris Carter’s remarks, Male Survivor founder Christopher J. Anderson tells us what to say to people who are on the fence about using violence to discipline kids.

My Son Called My Wife Fat. Here’s Why I Apologized to Him.

diaper daddy

Scotty Schrier went to teach his son a lesson. Instead, he learned one himself.

Raising Compassionate Boys: Healing Mistakes

child discipline

“The wound is the place where the light enters you” ~Rumi (on parenting?) One morning when my older son was 6 year old, he would not get out of bed until 7:45–30 minutes before school started. Then he wouldn’t eat his eggs since he was distracted by his Pokemon cards, so I threw the cards […]

How To Teach a Man or a Boy


Among the most harmful things we do to men and boys is leave them to their own devices.

What Does it Mean to Follow Your Dreams?


Ben Riggs shares the secret to abandoning the rat race and fullfilling your dreams.

The Drill Instructor and the Lonely Boy: A Powerful Video

boot, camp, soldier, marine, drill instructor, video, jenny jones, show, powerful, emotional

There is a lot to be said for discipline, and even more for positive male role models. This video has both.

Imaginary Stars: Half-Assed Discipline and Tips for Holistic Parents


Andy Hinds discovered that his scary daddy voice was no longer working to get his kids to behave. So he brought out the big guns: a star chart.

How to Kill The Quitter Inside You

Quitter and Melon Eater

Alan Bishop has a solution to all of the negative excuses that prevent us from getting what we really want: Kill the quitter inside you.

A Crutch, a Wish, a Bandaid, and the Search for Faith that Actually Matters


What happens to faith when you come face-to-face with tragedy?

My Biggest Fear as a Father? That My Son Will Grow Up Just Like Me.

I am afraid my son will grow up to be me

Mickey Fuertes finally realizes that even immature jerks can become great dads.

Remembering Sensei

Langsner and Carbonara

Who owns the memory of a great man?

“I relate to the rage that comes from kids being little a**holes, but I don’t think physical discipline solves that. It just turns them into different a**holes.”


Do you spank your kids? If you do, why? If not, how do you discipline them? How did you decide what methods to use as a parent?

3 Things We Can Learn From U7 Basketball

Kids playing basketball

Parents and coaches have invaluable opportunities to teach and apply real-life lessons within the fun of organized sports. Unfortunately, many of us miss out on the opportunity.

Valentine to My Mom

Billy Johnson II and his mother

Billy Johnson II knows how hard it was to raise him, and in recognition of the woman whose fingerprints are all over the man he is today, this year he has just one valentine: his mother.