The Conversation I Was Never Prepared to Have


How one doctor’s appointment felt like a life sentence for one writer.

Buckle Up: Sex, Blackmail and Game Theory

safety first

John Edale explains how to get what you want, by limiting your own options.

Preparation to Die


What does a psychologist do when despair leads to suicidal thoughts?

No Longer a Victim

Oprah 200 men photo

Donald D’Haene was on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’—twice—as a survivor of sexual abuse, not a victim.

A Hot Chip off the Old Block


Pete Bate braces himself and takes his teenager to his first concert.

Take Care of Yourself And Your Soul


Donald D’Haene has endured the insensitivity of strangers since coming out as a survivor of sexual assault 30 years ago. He offers a response to Todd Akin’s declarations on rape, and advice for survivors of any gender.

When Marriages End: Mistakes Men Make


Men are encouraged to tell the people in their inner circles when their marriages are ending.

Disclosures: Finding a Voice for the Boy


Rob Brown discusses the difficulties and barriers to disclosing his childhood sexual abuse.