The Garment of Identity


Raoul Wieland explains that while it’s wonderful to see diversity as beautiful, we also need to actively recognize the ways in which people are discriminated against.

Bravery in the Ivy League


Kyle Ashlee discusses the reality of discrimination at Dartmouth College and the importance of student activism in creating change at a school that is often thought to be perfect.

Climate Change: Why There’s No Time for Discrimination

climate change-andrew-flickr

You can’t shout a slur if you can’t breathe.

Bill in Tennessee will Allow Bullying of Gay Students and Religious Answers on Science Tests


Oklahoma will soon pass its own version of the Religious Viewpoints Anti-discrimination Act and Texas made it a law in 2007.

To Dismantle the Spokes on the Oppression Wheel

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Whenever anyone is diminished, we are all demeaned, and the possibility for authentic community cannot be realized unless and until we become involved, to challenge, to question, to act.

Dismantling the ‘Religious Liberty’ Talking Points Used to Justify Anti-LGBT Discrimination

Arizona-SB-1062-Veto-Celebration-ap-ross d franklin

Conservatives have spent the last two weeks arguing that religious liberty must allow for discrimination against LGBT people. Here’s how they spun it.

An Upcoming Supreme Court Case Could Impose Arizona’s Anti-Gay Bill on the Entire Country

us supreme court

If two pending Supreme Court cases are decided in the plaintiffs’ favor, all the nightmare scenarios imagined in the debate over the Arizona bill could become very real.

Walt Disney World Pulls Support of Boy Scouts Over Prohibition on LGBT Troop Leaders


In the past two years, Lockheed Martin, Caterpillar, Major League Soccer, Merck, Intel, and UPS have also ended their funding of Boy Scouts of America over the organization’s discriminatory policy.

Federal Judge Rules Texas Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Unconstitutional


According to Judge Orlando Garcia the state’s marriage laws deny same-sex couples the right to marry, and therefore “demean their dignity for no legitimate reason.”

Challenged By Anderson Cooper to Provide One Example to Justify Anti-Gay Bill, Arizona Senator Comes Up Empty


Though he insists it has nothing to do with discrimination, Arizona State Sen. Al Melvin (R) can’t explain why SB 1062 is needed to defend “religious freedom.”

An Open Letter to Gov. Jan Brewer on a Proposed Anti-Gay Law

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Professor Warren Blumenfeld urges Governor Jan Brewer to make the right decision in regards to #SB1062.

Does Arizona Hate Everyone?

Arizona Flag

Arizona’s proposed “religious freedom” bill, S.B. 1062, could soon be passed into law and it might have some negative effects that neither side has considered.

Helping My Son Remove the Masculinity Mask

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Rosita Gonzalez’s son has suffered under the pressure of trying to fit in, culminating in a suicide attempt in seventh grade. But they are working together to heal… and change the world.

Woman Dares Councilman To Stone Her. Guess What Happens Next.


What would you do if someone justified discrimination against you through the Bible? Here’s how one woman handled it.

“Let your son join the scouts. You will now be fighting from within the organization, and that’s the way they will change.”

Scout Pride

This comment of the day was by RyanH on the post Why I Am Actively Supporting the Boy Scouts

Life on the Societal Fringe: Marginalization & HIV


Wilhelm Cortez on a few ways we marginalize others, and the devastating impact this can have on individuals and societies.