Sorry, Kid. Don’t Want You. You’re Gay.

Or bi, or questioning, or trans, or queer, or lesbian, or something else that “doesn’t fit”.

The Color of English: A Black American’s Perspective on the Global Predilection for White ESL Teachers

The ugly truth in the ESL industry is routine prejudice against blacks, and other people of color is condoned.

Quick Note: ‘Reverse Racism’ Doesn’t Exist

Reverse racism doesn’t exist. Here’s why.

Calls in Immigration Battles to Return to Days of Slavery

Vicious, hateful rhetoric out of the mouths of Republicans roars a backwards mindset, the dehumanization of immigrants as segments they wish to continue to isolate.

Parenting in the Era of #BlackLivesMatter

As parents of color, we fear for our children, but we also need to think about ourselves.

Transgender And Trapped In The Deep South

Alena doe not want to live as Christopher, but survival dictates.

The Unseen Jury: The Ideology and Psychology of Covert Racism

Examining institutionalized racism’s psychological and philosophical roots and how to combat it.

Comment of the Day: “Yes, being single is wonderful. But it has it disadvantages as well.”

This comment is by CHall on the post “Live Your Life for You: 7 Reasons the Single Life is the Best Life.”

I Am White and I Know My Privilege

Bryan Reeves, a white man, reflects on white privilege and the refusal by many white people to acknowledge it.

Lip Service: When Disability Comes Before Business

Erin Kelly examines a disability-oriented company’s recent actions towards a client.

Comment of the Day: “As a Mormon, I can tell you we’ve been targeted. I also know it’s not the same.”

This Comment of the Day is from Clark Larsen, on the post Religious Discrimination & Bullying

Religious Discrimination & Bullying

Warren J Blumenfield looks closely at the recent events of Jon Ritzheimer’s hateful anti-Islamic behaviors and calls us to action.

An Openly Gay Athlete Walks Into Seton Hall (Yes, It’s Deja Vu All Over Again)

Former Seton Hall goalie, Anthony Romeo, remembers his own experience with discrimination at Seton Hall and hopes for an evolution towards tolerance.

Corporate Hostility to ‘Religious Freedom’ Laws Shows Vital Role of Business Pushing Social Issues

The corporate backlash shouldn’t be a surprise. Companies have increasingly played a more active role on social issues.

Banning Conversion and Reparative Therapies for Youth: One Step Forward

The history of “cures” for homosexuality reveals how discredited conversion therapies for gay and transgender children can irreparably harm young minds.

The Indiana State Line

Indiana politicians thought they were holding the line; instead, they crossed it.